“Him [Trump] he is not only mediocre as a Republican. It’s mediocre like American ″

“There are many serious issues on which we disagree,” said Ben Sasse, a senator elected by the state of Nebraska, when asked about his relations with the President, during a videoconference with his constituents.

“He is not just mediocre as a Republican. He is mediocre as an American,” said Sasse, in a violent reference against Donald Trump, even though they belong to the same party and the senator is speaking to voters who are currently deciding his vote. in the presidential elections.

In fact, Sasse said that it seems “very likely” that the Republican candidate will be defeated next November 3, in elections that he predicts could turn out to be “a bloodbath” for his party, admitting that he may lose the majority in the Senate that currently holds.

Ben Sasse also criticized the way Trump “kisses the tail of dictators”, referring to the relations established with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and “the way he ignores Uighurs, who are literally in concentration camps in Xinjiang”, referring to the Chinese Communist Party’s persecutions of the Muslim minority in that Chinese region.

“He did not lift a finger in the name of the Hong Kong people,” said Bem Sasse, explaining that, with Trump, “the United States regularly betrays its allies.”

In domestic politics, the senator condemned the way his party’s president “treats women and throws money away”, adding that Trump “makes fun of evangelicals on their backs” and prefers “dating white supremacists”.


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