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His wife secretly marries and then blackmails him – La Nouvelle Tribune

The famous british star Philip David Charles Collins, this Phil Collins would be going through a confused situation with his ex-girlfriend. According to information relayed by the British media « The Sun », not only would the mother of her two children have contracted a secret marriage, but she is also allegedly blackmailing him with the aim of ousting him from the Miami mansion.

Orianne Cevey reportedly remarried

Indeed, in the columns of the British daily, the lawyer of the famous singer tried to explain the situation. We remember that unofficially, Orianne Cevey reportedly married again in August after announcing to Phil Collins that she was on a business trip. The marriage would have taken place with a certain « Thomas Bates » in Las Vegas. After receiving the information, the interpreter of « Another day in paradise » allegedly initiated proceedings to evict him from the mansion.

She would stay with her new husband in the property

“Mrs. Bates occupies and uses the property as if it were her own. She now resides there with her new husband, Mr. Bates ”, let know Jeffrey Fisher, the musician’s lawyer, in the British daily. Still according to the information given by the singer’s lawyer to the media, Orianne Cevey would have demanded a large sum from the singer.

The mansion under the protection of armed men

She would also threaten to bring certain charges against him if he did not try to satisfy her. The Miami mansion which is owned by Phil Collins would be under strong surveillance of people hired by his ex-wife. « they have hired armed guards to patrol the property with openly displayed firearms », precise The Sun.

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