Hisense laser TV: when the XXL version of cinema arrives at home

A giant screen for the whole family and for all uses. This is the promise of the Hisense laser TV. We tell you all about this ultra-short throw video projection technology that allows you to have a home cinema system and a versatile 100-inch 4K UHD TV, with sound bar Dolby Atmos integrated. Currently, this laser TV benefits from an incredible reduction offer of 1,500 euros at Boulanger, Cobrason and LDLC.

When looking to find the atmosphere of a movie theater at home, it is towards the video projector that we must turn. XXL diagonal and “cinema” grain are the main advantages of this solution that moviegoers love. But now, this comfort imposes a significant concession: a video projector is used in total darkness, which means that it is difficult to make it your daily television. You must have a second conventional TV equipment to meet the most common uses, which also supposes having the necessary space for this double installation …

Faced with these constraints, Hisense made the bet to combine the best of these two worlds in a single product: the laser TV. It is a complete pack including an ultra short throw laser projector diffusing a 4K image on a 100-inch anti-reflection screen included (i.e. a diagonal of 2.54 meters). The strength of this technology is that it allows use whatever the light conditions. In addition, this laser TV integrates a TV tuner, a smartTV interface and all the necessary connections. In other words, you can use it as a classic television, access the main streaming applications, but also connect a home player and / or a game console.

The laser TV has a screen of 2.54 meters in diagonal.

The laser TV projects a colorful and bright 4K image onto a 2.54 meter diagonal (100 inch) projection screen.

Before delving into the specifics of the 100 inch laser TV (100L5F), a few words about Hisense. For those who do not know this Chinese brand, it is the third largest TV manufacturer in the world. Still little known in France, having only been established for five years, Hisense has positioned itself in the high-end niche. In China, the brand has been the TV market leader for 17 years. So much for the presentations.

A 100-inch 4K TV in your living room

The laser TV consists of two components: the ultra-short throw laser projector and a special projection screen on which the image is broadcast. It is designed to cancel stray external light and reflect only that of the laser, so that one can use his laser TV day and night. The other big advantage of this screen is that it is passive, that is, it does not require power. No wire to run on the wall and a simple installation and less restrictive than that of an equivalent large format television.

Now let’s come to the laser TV itself. It comes in the form of a design box (54.7 x 34.5 x 15.8 cm) that is placed on a low cabinet at the foot of the screen, at a distance of 28.7 cm from the projection screen (and therefore the wall). It is calibrated to project a 100-inch image on the screen, or a diagonal of 2.54 meters.

HDR offers the viewer a vision down to the smallest detail.

HDR lets you enjoy a surprisingly vivid picture with an incredibly richer and deeper level of detail.

At the heart of the system is a blue laser that produces a brightness of 2,700 ANSI Lumens. 4K ultra HD image (HDR 10 and HLG compatible) is obtained by wobulation. This technique relies on a Full HD display matrix that moves very quickly to artificially increase the number of pixels and thus create a 4K image. This proven optical illusion has made UHD projectors more accessible. The Hisense laser has a lifespan of 25,000 hours, or the equivalent of a conventional television. This is also a big advantage over the lamp of a video projector that is replaced on average every 2000 hours. Another strong point, the laser ignition is immediate.

Integrated Dolby Atmos sound bar

As we said in the preamble, this Hisense laser TV includes all the hardware and software equipment of a conventional television: four HDMI 2.0 ports including one compatible with ARC, audio input and output, optical audio output s / pdif, VGA input, two ports USB, two antenna sockets, an Ethernet network port, satellite tuner, TNT decoding… Nothing is missing! And of course, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are in the game, as well as a Vidaa U 4.0 smartTV interface that allows you to watch TV and access the most popular streaming applications (Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, RMC Sport, Molotov, etc.).

Thanks to Dolby Atmos, every sound is more nuanced and more realistic.

With its integrated sound bar and compatibility Dolby Atmos, Hisense laser TV is capable of delivering incredibly immersive sound.

The laser TV has of course a cinema, sport and game mode. For gamers, the latter lowers the input lag and can manage a display at 60 frames per second in 4K UHD. Another refinement, the laser TV incorporates a sound bar Dolby Atmos of 30 watts which produces a spatialization of the sound with the compatible contents. And you can even use it as a Bluetooth speaker to play music from your phone, for example.

If you dream of a large-screen home cinema system, but you don’t want to juggle between a video projector and a television, the laser TV solution offers the ideal compromise. And that for more than half the price of a 100 inch 4K TV. A price all the more aggressive as the Hisense laser TV currently benefits from a reduction of 1000 euros to which is added a deferred reimbursement offer of 500 euros, which brings down the price of this incredible laser TV for only 2,990 euros in Boulanger, Cobrason and LDLC. It is therefore now or never for film lovers and other lovers of beautiful images to have a GREAT pleasure!

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