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Historian Martin Palumbo was brought to bed by Juventus star:

On Monday, the Norwegian U21 national team made history by being replaced in the 77th minute by Juventus’ home team in their Serie A home game against Lazio.

The whole stadium is up, not to welcome Palumbo, but to thank star Paulo Dybala in saying goodbye to Argentina’s tears at the club he will be leaving this summer.

At the house in Friuli, where the Italian Palumbo family born Bergen live, the jubilee was on the roof for other reasons.

– The whole family and family friends and everything was together. They almost start laughing. Because they were replaced by Dybala, they almost only showed him, so at first they didn’t realize that I was the one who came in. When they saw him, they started jumping and dancing, Palumbo told TV 2.

There is a shock message in the car

He sent a video of the cheers and said he had to remove the caps because their cries were deaf.

– It’s great to see family and friends happy for me. This is not all the case. There are often people who may be jealous or try to get you down to earth, instead of being happy for you, says the middle ground.

Ideally, the family should be present in Turin to see him live, but he went too fast in their turn.

Palumbo has never been included in the squad for a Serie A match with Juventus before.

On Sunday, he was sitting in the car on his way home after training when a message came from the team leader of the U23 team, where he played his matches on a daily basis.

– It was not expected. The first thing I did was call the family and tell them to sit on the bench. I was very happy. When you get the message, it gets a bit like “oh, it’s great,” says Palumbo.

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He should be allowed to do more than just sit on the bench. With a quarter of an hour left in the match against Lazio, coach Massimiliano Allegri shouted him away. This time it wasn’t totally unexpected.

– I began to realize that I could enter a little before it happened. Adrien Rabiot was injured and was unable to enter. We didn’t have many substitutes, and I knew he would replace Dybala with a standing ovation. I began to think that I or Daniele Rugani could enter. And as Dybala was a little more offensive like me, I thought it might turn me on, says Palumbo.

– What did you think when that happened?

– I didn’t have much time to think about it. I ran away, I heard what I was going to do on the track, and suddenly I was closed. There was not much time to feel the emotions.

He did not believe what he saw

In retrospect, it has flowed in more. A special piece of information made Palumbo react with disbelief: he is the first Norwegian to play for Juventus’ men’s team in an official match.

Palumbo himself addresses the historical reality in a conversation with TV 2.

– It can’t be true, he asks.

But it is true: Vajebah Sakor is the first Norwegian to sign for Juventus, but he was never allowed to play an official match for the club.

He first saw it in a post in Avisa Nordhordland on Instagram.

– I didn’t believe what I saw. I never thought I would be the first to do that. He was very special when he appeared. My mother called me. He was very proud and posted it on Facebook, laughs Palumbo.

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Irene Njøten Palumbo’s mother came from Radøy, an hour’s drive north of Bergen.

Surprised by Juve stars

Admittedly, it was not just family and friends who praised Palumbo for his Juventus debut. He talks about hot feedback from the biggest stars on the team as well.

On Instagram, he shared a photo where he was congratulated by Juventus legend Giorgio Chiellini.

– He came and congratulated me and said that I deserve to enter. It made me very happy. There were several on the team who said it was very deserving that I got my first. It was very fun to hear, says Palumbo.

He has been training regularly with the A team at Juventus since the end of March. Before he got to know Chiellini, Leonardo Bonucci, Paulo Dybala, and other big stars better, he thought the environment would be cold and ruthless.

What she experienced led her to bed.

– Everyone was very kind and helped me a lot while I was here. It is not the case that if you make a mistake in training, they will call and they will be angry at you. They help you and try to make you understand what you did wrong, says Palumbo and continues:

– They were absolutely fantastic. Every time before training they ask how things are going, how things are going and the matches of the U23 teams, they have a good conversation. This is not always what great football stars do with young players. It’s very special that they come to me and not the other way around.

– What did you expect before you started training with them?

– I knew that Chiellini was a very decent guy, but maybe there were other players I didn’t believe cared about, whom I didn’t think would get away. The whole group helped me a lot on and off the field.

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– What is the most important thing you have learned in training with them for a few months?

– The most important thing is how to prepare for each training. They go to the gym and are ready, on top physically and mentally every time, whether it’s a calm training or preparation for a final, says Palumbo, who now played Serie A football for two different clubs:

Uncertain future

He is on loan from Udinese for the rest of the season, but Juventus have an option to buy him permanently this summer. For now, the future is in the blue.

– They haven’t said anything yet. I hope to find out something soon so I know if I should leave these things here in Turin or bring them home when I go on vacation, says Palumbo.

– What do you want?

– I hope I can stay here and maybe get to be a little more in team A while I play in the U23 team.

He is still looking forward to playing for a regular football team, but the goal is clear: Palumbo will establish himself at the top of Serie A, play in the Champions League, win trophies and succeed with the national team.

Which national team he will be, is still not entirely clear. He plays for the Norwegian U21 national team, but has already played age-specific football for Italy.

– I always have the opportunity to switch back. I’ll see where I get to play in U21 next. There are many questions about many things. But it is not 100 percent clear that it will be Norway. It’s very hard to say, says Martin Njøten Palumbo.

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