August 25, 2019

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Historical shock from Llagostera to Tarragona in the return to Second B dream

Llagostera has had a spectacular premiere in the return to Second B (1-3). Oriol Alsina's team showed up in the best showcase possible: the new stadium of Tarragona in front of a Nàstic who was very happy to be promised when the scoreboard progressed in the 9th minute, thanks to a dubious penalty , and that has ended without arguments in view of the good approach of the people of Girona. It is the first time that Llagostera has dominated the Nàstic field, a rival with morbidity since that promotional promotion to Second A of 2014 that were scored by the Blaugrana.

Nàstic has advanced very soon after a dubious penalty, transformed by Bonilla. Despite the 1-0, the locals have played strikes. From the half hour of the first part, the visitors have taken a step forward. Nahuel and Sascha have threatened the goal of Tarragona and in the end the prize arrived in four minutes of laughter shortly before the break. The tie was made by Nahuel, and virtually without time to react, the 1-2 Sascha work came. With this marker it has come to rest.

At the end of the season, Nàstic set a new leg, especially when he entered the lawn Pol Ballesteros. Marcos, however, stopped the occasions of the locals and the set of Alsina was defended with success and played very well ordered. The decision came in the 76th minute when Adri Lledó scored 1-3 from the penalty spot, in the hands of local Bonilla. With this goal the locals have ended up lowering their arms and the parish of Tarragona has begun to abandon the stands. The Llagostera dominated the New Stadium and gave the coup a historic return to the bronze category.

Nàstic: Bernabé, Pol, Bonilla, Goldar, J. Rodríguez, Lolo Plá (Pol Prats, min. 66), Petcoff, Habran (Ferran Giner, min. 77), Pereira (Pol Ballesteros, min. 49), Pedro and Carreón;

Llagostera: Marcos, Crespo, Maynau (Adri Lledó, min. 69), Aimar, Juvanteny, Yeray, David Garcia, Èric Jiménez (Pasquina, min. 58), Nahuel, Gil Muntadas and Sascha;

Goals: 1-0, min. 9, penalty bonilla; 1-1, min. 41, Nahuel; 1-2, min. 44, Sascha; 1-3, Adri Lledó from penitentiary;

Referee: Bosch Domènech (Valencian Committee). G T. Grogues: For local Juan Rodriguez and for visitors Sascha, Juvanteny, Crespo, Aimar, Èric Jiménez, Maynau, Yeray;

Stadium: 4,259 spectators at the Nou Estadio de Tarragona.

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