Hold-up, when conspiracy exploits the misfortune of men with infox

The documentary Hold-up has been viewed by millions of people. Although withdrawn from certain platforms, it continues to circulate on the networks in its entirety and in extracts. It deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, but not only. He is accused of falling into conspiracy by relaying a lot of infox.

The very duration of this extended documentary, and the mix of genres, make it a particularly effective propaganda tool. There will always be a bit of truth here and there to sow confusion and that, even if he comes to recycle infox disassembled for months.

The two hours and forty-three minutes of video begin by evoking the health crisis linked to Covid-19. The angle widens and leads us much further, defending the thesis of a great conspiracy, organized by ” the powerfuls », In a desire to exterminate the poorest. The author claims to unveil a demonic program secretly hatched by financiers, pharmaceutical companies, technology giants including 5G and ” the mainstream media “, As always targeted by the conspirators, who give themselves the mission of” réinformer People, in their own way. The French media are also pointed out as the culprits designated in the very poster of the film, where we see a couple – masks literally nailed to their faces – with, instead of pupils, the logos of major French media, public and private. , including Agence France Presse.

So the video ticks all the boxes of the conspiracy story. Director Pierre Barnerias denies it. He says he just wanted to propose ” another sound of the bell “. Unfortunately, the bell rings wrong. We find in this video much more infox than info.

Social media infox recycling

From the outset we hear a Canadian MP talking about “ internment camps » and of ” detention », Whereas in fact these are sites made available at the beginning of the crisis, for people who entered Canada and had to isolate themselves for 14 days, before being able to move freely. About ten hotels had been made available for those who had no place to go. The intervention of this deputy followed false tweets pinned since by the media and the Canadian authorities. A reality that does not hear the director of the show who in any case attacks the media and press agencies, accused en bloc of playing into the hands of the powerful. Several of his interlocutors testify to their distrust of the press, preferring ” learn otherwise “. This is how conspiracy locks its followers in a bubble from which it becomes difficult to escape, if from the outset we deprive ourselves of any verified information.

The teams of “fact checkers” and other investigative journalists have been looking for months at these infoxes proliferating on the networks during the crisis. Their work is worth a look. Whether it’s the magazineScience and the Future, from Journal The world, from Release, AFP, France Info, magazine Point and many others.

The documentary also gives credence to the idea of ​​a virus created by humans in a laboratory, when it has been scientifically proven that this was not the case. He implicates the Institut Pasteur, showing documents in front of the camera which are used to support the accusation, but the visual is useless because illegible by the Internet user. On the other hand, the demonstration is false, its author speaks of patents concerning other coronaviruses, claiming that it is Sars-CoV-2. A video circulating on Facebook containing the same type of claim has already earned a judicial conviction to its author.

Mostly the measures taken to fight the disease are systematically denigrated. In the 22nd minute, the author reveals his vision of the facts: ” health as a pretext for submission Echoing those who, in tweets, YouTube videos and Facebook posts, call citizens who respect barrier measures sheep.

Instead of asking the question of the benefit-risk ratio specific to each of the measures adopted to contain the spread of the virus, the video responds straight away that the remedy is worse than the disease. There is no debate. The document is systematically dependent. However, contrary to the documentary’s claims, the ” mainstream media The brocade did not hesitate to relay the criticisms made on the effectiveness and consistency of certain measures.

But the documentary does not fear contradiction, deploring both the lack of equipment necessary to fight the pandemic, and at the same time minimizing the seriousness of the disease and the need to use great means to stop its spread.

From former minister to conspiratorial blogger

As for the choice of witnesses interviewed, it is extraordinarily eclectic. When the author of the video questions the reliability of the tests, for example, he first gives the floor to Silvano Trotta from the first few minutes to establish the truth. The man is a follower of theses however questionable, if not totally fanciful, when for example, he affirms on his YouTube channel that the moon is a hollow object made by who knows who, and why not aliens.

The documentary returns to various controversies, but in a biased way, defending hydroxychloroquine and the Malagasy remedy Covid-Organics, without mentioning the slightest doubt as to their real effectiveness, quite the contrary.

At the end of the second hour, after a Nobel Prize in chemistry ” who has a lot of friends in medical schools who told him not to worry because coronaviruses don’t like humans »… Comes the turn of a former legionnaire« meeting by chance “. His testimony is broadcast anonymously, voice made-up, face off screen. The former soldier with difficult speech expresses himself on ” the nature of the virus “. He claims to have an acquaintance who saw a document from the Nuclear Safety Agency proving that Sars-CoV-2 had been genetically modified. He speaks of a “binary virus” as found in certain explosives or combat gases. The content of this interview is relayed without questioning or contradiction, despite the dubious nature of the source and its competence on the subject.

Instrumentalized guests

As for the most famous guests, obviously, not everyone knew where they were setting foot. This is the case of the former Minister of Health Philippe Douste-Blazy, who has since distanced himself. The sociologist Monique Pinçon Charlot, she regrets now to have spoken of a “holocaust” when she spoke of the fate of the poorest populations on the planet.

In this montage, the words of researchers, nurses, former Nobel Prize winners, proven conspiratorial bloggers and taxi drivers alternate. We will retain this quote from a scientist breaking the ban who affirms ” why continue to search when we have found ».

Exploitation of fear

The only moments in this film that do not suffer from contestation are when people express their fears, the loss of benchmarks and confidence, facing the future and the authorities, sometimes accused of navigating on sight in the management of crisis. It is felt, they are necessarily admissible testimonies, but exploited within the framework of a story whose objective is not to better define reality, but to instill more fear still.

Proof of this is the constant reference to ” worst hours in our history “. We hear a nurse quote Hitler, a sociologist talk about Nazism. The document accuses the authorities of sowing fear on purpose, to control the people, but it does even worse. It’s two hours and forty-three minutes of propaganda and brainwashing. The poster for the video itself could be from a horror movie.


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