Holiday notebook. On the way back from holidays

On the highway area of ​​Montélimar, you can even do your first dive.
On the highway area of ​​Montélimar, you can even do your first dive. (MAXPPP)

It is no coincidence that returning from vacation rhymes with suffering. To get up at 5 o'clock in the morning, the traffic jams on the road, to come back home can quickly become the trip of Odysseus, a real Odyssey.

The small family of Virginia has 10 hours of road to do with two children aged 5 and 3: "It's a bit complicated because normally we have a big seven-seater Scenic that broke down last week, so we had to do with the smaller car, here it's a city car, we're at four with Two little ones, the trunk is packed, there's a cooler between the two little ones and a roof box that we were loaned to take the rest of the business. "

Of course, we will have to be imaginative so that children do not get bored: "It's a little complicated, we try to keep them busy, we have some games to make them pass the time, little CDs of rhymes, songsexplains the young mother. It may be better to hear the nursery rhymes than to hear the children moaning, crying, screaming, bickering. So we support. "

But, we will not discourage you either. Even if you could end up like Gerald de Palmas, On the road the whole day …

Since their creation in the 1960s, the rest areas have been transformed into quasas recreational centers. Morgane Sauzay is customer and communication manager at Vinci Autoroutes. "On some big areas, especially in summer, we set up activities so that people can have a nice break before heading back to the road., says Morgane Sauzay. We have sports activities: football, volleyball and tennis courts. We also have some apparatus also to be able to do some bodybuilding. "

The Montélimar area in the Drôme is spread over 47 hectares. It's simply Europe's largest motorway area. "At the end of July and beginning of August, we will reach up to 100,000 people in both areas, which is twice the population of the city of Montélimar, and it is quite known as the nougat area of ​​Montélimar. Montelimar since it is here that we will sell the most nougat in the world with more than 300 tons which are sold each year "concludes Morgane Sauzay.

And if finally, even sweets do not come to the end of your children, there is still the cartoon … to choose carefully. Indeed, the second episode of the adventures of Shrek could well remind you of the galley of the return in which you are.


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