Hollywood and Madrid, according to Tarantino and Jonás Trueba, two billboard options


The Hollywood sixties seen by Quentin Tarantino has a decadent essence and a nostalgic air in 'Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood', the film that arrives this week on the Spanish billboard, where the intimate journey through a half-empty Madrid by Jonás Trueba in 'The Virgin of August' will face you.

Once upon a time in … Hollywood

A nostalgic Tarantino

Tarantino signs in his ninth and penultimate film a sentimental journey to his cinephile passion and memories as a child in Los Angeles, where he recreates the history of the decline of the system at the hands of an actor of television westerns come under (Leonardo DicaPrio) and his double action (Brad Pitt).

Located in Los Angeles in 1969, the film is a tribute to the old way of making movies, to spaghetti-western and Sergio Leone; to the old glories of cinema and a way of life that has already disappeared since the 1970s Charles Manson ended the hippie dream.

The virgin of August

An inner journey without leaving the city

The daily and poetic proximity characteristic of Jonás Trueba shines again in his latest work, 'The Virgin of August', in which the little one in the saga of filmmakers – integrated by his father Fernando and his uncle David – speaks of summer as a possibility of deepening oneself.

A hot and semi-empty Madrid is the scene in which the actress Itsaso Arana, who signs the script with four hands with Trueba, becomes aware that life is not being what I expected and that, perhaps, it is time to look for another road.

47 meters 2

Sharks turn summer into a nightmare

The beach is the paradise dreamed of by many tourists, but when sharks stalk the idyll it turns into horror. This is the case with the protagonists of '47 meters 2 ', the second part of the saga in which the action moves from Mexico to Brazil, where a group of girls decide to leave the routine tourist trail to explore underwater ruins without knowing what the most terrifying shark species hide there.

The British Johannes Roberts repeats in the direction with Jonh Corbett and Nia Long, at the head of the cast.

Summer house

A woman afraid to face the world

A house on the Cote d'Azur is the refuge Anna goes with her daughter, family and friends to overcome a recent break and write the script for her next movie, but behind the apparent happiness hide the anger and secrets and must do in front of the middle of one's existence in 'The Summer House'.

A drama that the Italian formed in France Valeria Bruni Tedeschi writes, directs and stars.

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