Home delivery of roses so as not to lose the tradition of Sant Jordi despite the covid-19

Some 200 florists from all over Catalonia have delivered roses at home Sant Jordand not to lose the tradition in spite of the coronavirus. The Guild of Florists has named the initiative #rosadesantjordiacasa and earlier this week it was announced that a “technical collapse “by the number of lawsuits. This is the case of Flors Català de Tàrrega, which on Wednesday did not take any more orders and this Day they distribute 400 roses, 10% of which would be sold in a normal Sant Jordi. The head of the florist, Magda Pedrós, said that although the situation is “complicated” they did not want to miss the opportunity to send a message of “light and energy” with the roses at home.

About 200 florists from all over Catalonia have been involved in the #rosadesantjordiacasa campaign which he has sent to the houses of those who have commissioned the roses for St. George’s Day. Already on Tuesday, the president of the Guild of Florists of Catalonia, Joan Guillén, explained that they had reached a “technical collapse” due to the number of orders they were receiving across the country and the difficulties of working and distributing the flower in the current conditions of lack of staff. This has caused many of the florists to have already closed orders the day before yesterday. The goal set by the Guild was toget to sell about 300,000 roses (5% of the usual), in this Sant Jordi “of minimums”.

Magda Pedrós, from Flors Català in Tàrrega, explained that they had to act quickly to prepare the roses as the stock was quite small and they did not work as in a normal Sant Jordi. In this regard, he noted that in their case they had to prepare a website to manage orders and that this has meant working for them online for the first time. However, in a normal St. George’s Day they usually sell about 4,000 roses from their establishment and this year they will only reach 10% of this figure, with about 400 roses at home, which is the maximum that has been done.

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And this Wednesday they had to stop taking orders. According to Pedrós, people’s response has been “correct and good” but late, as many of those who were used to going to the store have not been in time to order the rose, and instead those who have thought of doing it online, if they could.

The need for strengthen security measures for covid-19 nor has he made things easy for this florist, as working with the mask, gloves, and safety distances “is not at all agile.” In addition, only 20% of the staff is available, as the rest are in an ERTO. Pedrós explained that they have enabled the customer service area to be able to work more comfortably when preparing roses.

The price of the rose has not risen despite home delivery in the case of this florist and a basic rose costs 7 euros. Flors Català has not been able to sell all the roses it would have wanted because they have been sold out in Catalonia and its suppliers have not been able to buy more because very few imports have arrived.

“the tradition of giving the rose must be maintained”

Oriol Sala is a resident of Tàrrega who has placed an order for three roses from Flors Català. At quarter past eleven Xavier rang the doorbell and Oriol went down with his young daughter to pick up the three roses. He explained that St. George is a “very important day” and that the tradition of giving the rose “to the women we love cannot be missed“. He has three at home and every year he went to the store to look for them but this year he has opted for home delivery, to continue the tradition without having to leave home and thus ensure safety to curb the coronavirus.

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