Home gym with treadmill or exercise bike

The threat of a new pandemic makes us consider the home more and more as a ‘comfort zone’, one ‘friendly space’ also for fitness. In 2021, according to the Coop 2020 Consumption report, families will reduce spending on entertainment outside the home by 44%. The demand for home gym equipment (platforms, treadmills and exercise bikes) has instead more than doubled. In particular, sales of exercise bikes, steps and benches increased by 80%. But weightlifting tools and small accessories such as rubber bands, ropes and mats are also very popular. That is to say the indispensable companions for cardio training. This month is ideal for shopping at affordable prices. Stock Market Projections Fitness experts guide you to the best choice combined with the most affordable price.

Who is suitable for the treadmill

Home gym with treadmill or exercise bike. A walking or running platform certainly costs more than an exercise bike and also requires a certain space. But not too much, since the latest models are slim and resealable. They range from 300 to 1,000 euros for a foldable and easily transportable magnetic mat, up to 400-1,500 euros for a foldable electric mat. The platform stresses the ankles and knees more, but if you need to lose weight it is ideal. The mat burns 750 calories instead of the 550 calories of an upright bike.

The upright exercise bike is perfect for your abs

Chamber bicycles are more comfortable than a platform, transport easily from room to room, and require less space than conveyor belt. They are designed to work the muscles of the abdomen and legs, including the knee and hip joints, but also the abdominals and arms. The elliptical bikes guarantee gentle and cushioned movements, therefore they are perfect for former athletes or people with fragile cartilages. For the best choice, you need to focus on models that allow you to calibrate multiple levels of effort and resistance. And on those that give us information about our performance in terms of time, speed, distance, calories and pulse.

Home gym with treadmill or exercise bike

The platforms should be chosen among the models that allow you to adjust the level of effort, measure the heart rate and set up a workout. They are a great choice for runners who want to avoid the risks of running, which are violent kickbacks on the joints. The electric treadmill, equipped with a silent motor, is perfect for those who live in an apartment building. The new models are equipped with a tablet holder: this is for watching movies or training tips from a famous trainer.

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