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03:25 PM | Friday 20 November 2020

Open channels that transmit the African Champions League final between Al-Ahly and Zamalek

Al-Ahly and Zamalek

An upcoming confrontation brings together the two poles of Egyptian football Ahly And Zamalek at nine in the evening, next Friday, at Cairo International Stadium, in a final African Champions League, In a match that was described as the final of the century.

The meeting is expected to be broadcast on Time Sports terrestrial channel, with Medhat Shalaby commenting on it, and the meeting will also be broadcast on beIN Sports HD 1 and beIN Sports HD 7, with Issam Chawali commenting on it.

The match will also broadcast the Togolese tvt channel, which appears on the moon: Eutelsat W1 10 E, frequency: 11747, 27500 horizontal, and encryption type: open.

Al-Ahly qualified for the African Champions League final after overcoming the Moroccan Wydad hurdle, in the semi-finals, while Zamalek reached the final match after overcoming the Moroccan Raja hurdle in the home and away matches.

A final rehearsal for the two poles before the African Champions League final

The two teams are going into a final rehearsal before the African Champions League final, where Al-Ahly will meet Abu Qir for fertilizers at 5 pm tomorrow, Saturday, at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in the quarter-finals of the Egypt Cup, while Zamalek will meet with Club Egypt at eight in the evening, at the new Suez Stadium, within Same role competitions.

The new Corona virus attacked the stars of Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the recent period, after the two red team, Mahmoud Kahraba and Saleh Jumaa, were infected with the virus, while the white team was infected with the virus, Muhammad Hassan and Ahmed Nader Al-Sayed, the young team’s goalkeeper after he stepped up training with the first team, Medhat Abdel Hadi Team general coach.

Amr El-Ganaini, head of the five-year committee that manages the affairs of the Egyptian Football Association, recently settled the controversy over the postponement of the final match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the African Champions League, scheduled for the twenty-seventh of this November.

Al-Ganaini said in exclusive statements to “Al-Watan Sport”: “The Al-Ahly and Zamalek match is on schedule, and there is no postponement of the meeting. We are ready and Cairo Stadium are fully prepared to receive the historic event and the great carnival that will be held on Egyptian soil.”


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