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Home Yoga # 6 – The Grasshopper Posture

This period of confinement during which we changed our habits, especially those that contributed to our well-being, is not easy. However, it is also positive because it finally gives us the time we always lacked to sit down, close our eyes and take a few minutes to observe ourselves from the inside. Listening to yourself, breathing, stretching, strengthening your muscles too … yoga makes it all happen.

The grasshopper posture – or Salabhâsana – is a position that strengthens the abdominal belt, the dorsal muscles and those of the lumbar region while stimulating the intestinal nerves and blood circulation in the intestinal region. It also relaxes the spine. To adopt the correct posture, “lie on your stomach, legs stretched back, feet glued or spread apart the width of the pelvis,” explains Masha. “Put the pubis on the ground, point your arms back, open your chest and take your legs off,” she says. You can keep this position for as long as you want.

To go further in the exercise, our expert recommends two variants of the grasshopper posture. If beginners generally place their hands at thigh level, the more experienced can keep their arms and hands in front of them, or even grab their ankles for a relaxation of the spine in depth.

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