Homeless man convicted of having sexually assaulted young girls | Liège and its region

A homeless man from Liège, author of several sexual assaults on teenage girls, was sentenced on Friday by the Liège criminal court to a one-year prison sentence. The defendant was in a state of recidivism. One of his victims was attacked at a bus stop located on Place Saint-Lambert in Liège.

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The defendant was responsible for accusations of indecent assault, public contempt of morals and threats after having committed three attacks on young women. He was in a state of legal recidivism for facts of the same type.

On December 27, 2019 at around 6 p.m., a 16-year-old girl was at a bus stop on Place Saint-Lambert in Liège when the defendant had belted her from behind and placed his hands on her pubis. The defendant had moved away from the young girl before returning a few minutes later, shirtless and pants down, uttering insanities. The young girl had been pursued and bothered in the street.

The defendant was intercepted a few minutes later in the center of Liège by a police patrol while he was shirtless and disturbed public order. The investigation revealed the complaints of two other young girls who were victims of his actions.
The court sentenced the defendant to one year in prison.

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