Homeless man from Petr Janda! Bohdalová nodded to him as well. I will fulfill everything for him, he says – From the screen and from behind her – Cocktail

Olympic presents a clip for the song I Don’t Have a Couple. The main role of the homeless was played by the band’s leader Petr Janda.


27.06.2021 10:30


Singer and musician Petr Janda as a homeless man in a new clip.

The new clip will feature celebrities from the Czech art scene, including Jiřina Bohdalová, Martin Dejdar, Michal Malátný and football player Antonín Panenka, Czech Miss 2018 Lea Šteflíčková, Marta Jandová and Petr Janda’s wife Alice.

“The new clip is about a homeless person who is not homeless, but makes money playing on Václavák. He plays a clumsy song about a girl who has left him, and he hopes that passers-by will throw him some money. When it’s all over and the audience breaks up, Mercedes comes with the driver and takes him home, “describes the content of the new video Petr Janda.

Despite the coronary crisis, the Olympic Group has had a busy period. The latest album called Kaťata, released in October last year, received a great response from fans and the media. The first music video from this album for the song Pálím tvář followed in February. The second clip is Just I Have a Couple, directed by Jiří Vrkoslav and Petr Janda, cameras by Petr Kozák and Ondřej Ctibor.

“I went to the clip, because whenever Petr asks for something, I will always fulfill it. He is my friend, I am in the family, as I am the godmother of Anežka, so I feel like in a family relationship, “explains her participation Jiřina Bohdalová.

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The legendary Olympic group is preparing live performances for this year and several important anniversaries are also waiting for it. Next year, Olympic will celebrate 60 years of its existence and Petr Janda will celebrate his 80th birthday.


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