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Homie’s CEO resigns after a candidate is accused of sexual harassment

Jordi Greenham, co-founder and CEO of the Mexican startup Homie for long-term rental, resigned after an investigation into sexual harassment conducted by the company’s ethics committee.

On February 14, Homie launched an investigation into the sexual harassment allegations against Greenham, according to a corporate Facebook post. The message followed the news of sexual harassment that was posted on Facebook earlier that day. In them, a woman, who asked to remain anonymous to protect her privacy, said the CEO Greenham I proposed it in a WhatsApp message around 01:30 on February 14 to spend the night with him in exchange for 3,000 pesos (about $ 150 USD).

Below is a screenshot of his Facebook post, which translates to English as:

Today, Jordi Greenham Asensio, Homie’s co-founder, offered me some money to spend the night with him. It should be noted that we do not have a personal connection and that he contacted me on LinkedIn a few months ago to offer me a job at his company, we communicated via WhatsApp to plan the interviews and for his team to communicate with me. I ran the process and didn’t get the position and there, this is the extension of the “relationship”.

It is not correct that someone, in this case a man, thinks it is acceptable to make this type of stress. It makes me angry that I delayed saying something about it thinking that there are no consequences for this type of action. Attached evidence of the conversation.

The exchange of WhatsApp can be translated into English here:

Homie CEO Greenham:


I would like to see you


Can you explain random texts at odd hours?

Homie CEO Greenham:

No, there is no rational explanation.

It was irrational. But I understand that you don’t care

How much can I pay you for one night?


The woman tells TechCrunch that she met Greenham once through a mutual friend five years ago, but hasn’t had contact with him since that initial introduction until he contacted her on LinkedIn in September 2019. She told TechCrunch that she was interested in a role in the rapidly growing startup, e communicated with Greenham on WhatsApp to organize interviews and discuss the position. In the end, after interviewing the role, he says he never received a response from the company.

TechCrunch contacted both Greenham and Homie on February 21st. Homie responded to TechCrunch’s request to comment on the 23rd with this statement:

“On February 14, Homie’s board of directors was informed of the CEO’s unacceptable behavior and took immediate action. The Ethics Committee of the Council carried out the necessary investigations and on February 16, after discussing it internally, Jordi Greenham Asensio resigned as CEO and president of the company. The Council’s swift and unwavering action reflects our commitment to the highest standards of conduct, at all levels of the organization. Jordi Greenham’s views and comments no longer represent Homie’s. “

Homie’s Facebook post on February 14 explained that her code of ethics considers harassment, discrimination and gender-based violence unacceptable and that these standards apply to “all levels of the organization”.

Homie, who has raised $ 8.2 million, is currently active in over 100 Mexican cities. According to Crunchbase, the company employs between 100 and 250 people. Homie recently collected a $ 7 million Serie A round in December 2019 led by Equity International, a fund founded by American billionaire Sam Zell.

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