Honda unveiled its new Civic

The times are decidedly bizarre. Like many of its competitors, Honda has converted to virtual presentations but for that of the new Civic, the Japanese chose Twitch, originally a video game streaming platform.

This is no coincidence, however. In the United States, the previous generation of Civic has been a hit with young people since its launch in 2015, and the choice of a platform that speaks to millennials can therefore be understood. Especially in this happy period of general confinement …

You have in front of you a prototype of the eleventh generation of Honda Civic, in the notchback body which will be marketed next year across the Atlantic. As on the current model, a hatchback body and a version Type R will arrive later, but we do not yet know which of these variants Europe will be entitled to (we keep our fingers crossed).

The style is much more conventional than on the previous model, with a more marked and horizontal body line, surfaces, a grille and optics with a simpler treatment but more elaborate proportions: elongated hood, wider rear track, stern less elusive. In short, an American Agreement in reduction, and more Germanizing.

The approach is similar on board. The cockpit has nothing to do with the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon of the three previous generations, and comes back to something much more zen. It’s very simple, it almost feels like a Mazda… The instrumentation is obviously digital, and a 9-inch touch screen sits atop the center console.

Nothing is currently known about the engines, but Honda had announced that all its models sold in Europe from 2022 would be at least partially electrified.

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