Hope for Biontech vaccine: British want to vaccinate next week

Hope for Biontech vaccine
Brits want to vaccinate next week

It is possible that the first people in Great Britain will be vaccinated against the coronavirus with the Biontech vaccine in the coming week. According to a media report, the National Health Service has already been instructed to be ready for an administration from December 1st.

The corona vaccine from the Mainz company Biontech and the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer could apparently receive approval in Great Britain in the coming days. The British regulatory authorities are about to begin with an official assessment of the agent, the Telegraph reports, citing government circles. The National Health Service NHS had been instructed to be ready for an administration from December 1. The Ministry of Health did not comment on when vaccinations could be started.

On Friday, the two companies had already applied for emergency approval from the US FDA. The FDA will advise on December 10th whether to give the green light. If so, the vaccine could be available as early as December 11, according to a government official. The vaccine could be delivered to the states within 24 hours of approval, said the US government’s vaccine program representative, Moncef Slaoui, at CNN. He hoped that people could be vaccinated as early as December 11th or 12th.

There are rather low hurdles for emergency approval

In view of the reported high effectiveness, experts expect an emergency approval in the near future. There are comparatively low hurdles for such approval. Put simply, it must be ensured that a drug or vaccine demonstrably helps more than it does harm. Formal approval is a much longer process. Slaoui had already announced in mid-November that the government hoped to vaccinate around 20 million people in December. Around 25 to 30 million should be vaccinated in January and the following months, Slaoui said. First of all, health care workers and members of risk groups are to be vaccinated.

Another very promising vaccine candidate is that of the biotech company Moderna. The US company also wanted to file an application with the FDA shortly. Several experimental vaccines are being tested in clinical trials with thousands of participants worldwide.


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