Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Hoping for snow? Make a winter scene with these snow balls.

This story was published for the first time in November 2016.

If you have visited a big city, you have probably already seen local monuments transformed into small globes filled with glittering snow. They are fun to shake and they make nice memories.

But you may not realize that snowballs are easy and inexpensive to manufacture. A jar in your refrigerator or pantry can replace a globe. Your local craft or hobby store will have miniature figurines and the rest of the supplies. So, if you are looking for a gift idea or a decoration for your bedroom, try this easy job. The hardest part is deciding what you want to go inside the pot.

Adult help: yes

Practice time: 10 minutes

Total time: 8 hours


• glass or plastic jars with lid

• Waterproof glue, Amazing Goop or other brand

• Figures, trees or other plastic or resin decorations

• Distilled water

• Glycerin

• white glitter

• decorative pounded snow

• Ribbon, optional


1. Look in your refrigerator or at the grocery store to find jars with wide openings. Gherkin jars are one example. Many jars of jam work well too. Wash the pots and
remove the labels. Ask a parent for help, because sometimes it is necessary to soak and rub it.

2. Place the lid upside down on the work surface covered with newspaper or paper towels. Glue the figure to the center of the lid. Let it dry for at least eight hours or overnight.

3. Pour distilled water into a container up to about half an inch from the edge. Add a few drops of glycerin.

4. Drop several pinches of glitter into the water. Put a pinch of decorative snow in your hand and discard the big pieces (they usually float). Put the small pieces of snow in the water.

5. Place the lid on the jar and screw tight. Turn right and make sure the lid does not leak. Shake the pot to see if you have enough glitter and if the water level is near the top. If not, reopen the pot and add a little more. To avoid any leakage from the globe, add a ring of glue on top of the open jar and close tightly. Stick a ribbon on the edge of the lid if you want a more sophisticated snow globe.


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