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Horizon Forbidden West is bombarded by negative reviews

Metacritic isn’t the only platform plagued by review bombing campaigns, but it’s an important website in the gaming industry. For example, developers often use feedback on Metacritic as a metric for how well their game has been received. Positive scores are often quoted in stakeholder meetings. Some developers even hand out bonuses when their games reach certain milestones.

The developers of Cyberpunk 2077 would miss out on their bonuses if the game got a score below 90 on Metacritic. Days Gone director Jeff Ross even claimed that the pitch for Days Gone 2 was rejected because the first part didn’t do well on Metacritic.

EA also takes the ratings on the review site seriously: David DeMartini, former senior vice president of Global Online at EA, said in 2012 that all EA games must have a score above 90 percent.

Review without playing

As with The Last of Us 2 a few years ago, it seems that players are leaving negative reviews without actually playing the game. One of the reviewers wrote that Horizon Forbidden West was probably the biggest disappointment of all time. “The story is boring and unimaginative,” according to the review. The review was written less than 24 hours after the game came out, even though the main storyline lasts at least 30 hours.

To prevent ‘review bombing’ after The Last of Us 2, Metacritic came up with a new system. Users can now only post their reviews a day after the release date, but this didn’t stop players from bombarding Horizon Forbidden West with zeros and other low numbers. Metacritic is aware of the issue and is quickly removing the bulk of extremely negative reviews, leaving the average user score currently at an 8.

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