Hormone disruptors are everywhere, how do you avoid health p …

In addition to viruses, there is another invisible risk to our health that can be found all around us: hormone disruptors. They are chemical, foreign substances that disrupt the functioning of our hormone system and thus cause health problems or developmental disorders.

Especially in vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, children and teenagers, endocrine disruptors can cause problems, because those groups are more susceptible. Little is known about hormone-disrupting substances, according to the Independent Health Insurance Funds. These tricks can go a long way:

• If you heat food in the microwave, do not heat it in the plastic packaging. After all, hormone disruptors can pass from the packaging to the food. The survey shows that six out of ten Belgians do this now and then.

• Buy new clothes or bedding, wash them before first use. Half of Belgians indicate that they do not. It is also best to wash new kitchen utensils or other objects before use.

• Do not use non-natural pesticides and insecticides. They are not only harmful to the environment, but also to your own health.

• Avoid air fresheners and fragrances as much as possible.

More practical advice www.goedgezind.be/hormoonverstoorders


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