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Horoscope Alena: Gemini realized their ideas, crabs do not expect miracles


The day is a holiday and it promises you peace of mind if you impose moderation and patience and adhere to Mercury retrograde. People around you are accommodating and listening carefully. You will receive support, through which you can realize all your plans for the day. Be careful with dating because you tend to admit inappropriate people in your life. Your family relationships are harmonious and happy. In the evening, enjoy the romantic experience and the wonderful sexual moments.


Be careful on the road if you are behind the wheel on the weekend, because Mercury is retrograde. Difficult and fine communication is guaranteed because of your eternal desire to argue. Success in the workplace with you if you don’t allow discussion. Your new ideas, conversations are influenced by your dreams related to improving your financial situation will not be effective. Relationships with loved ones are harmonious. In the evening, go home and enjoy the beautiful moments with your loved ones. If you are in the mood, be sure to enjoy sexual pleasure with your loved one.


Make your mind realize without much effort, despite the holiday, even on Mercury retrograde. New offers promise you great profits, especially if they are related to construction, trade, and if you are dedicated to creative activities. Achieve your goals by applying new methods and attracting new partners. Be honest and say what you don’t like about your loved one’s behavior. Only and frankly will you maintain harmony in your family and with your intimate partner and normal sexual intercourse.


It is in your best interest this weekend to take responsibility for your actions and not expect this month’s miracles to accompany you in the future, especially in retrograde Mercury, if you do not work today and prepare to sign up later. jen. 23 deals waiting for you. No one will invite you especially in the coming days. Create harmony in your home relationship, and avoid arguing with your loved ones. Don’t be fooled, especially if you’re married, because the distance between you and your partner in bed can be insurmountable.

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Stabilize your accomplishments and don’t overemphasize your weekend to get praise that you didn’t deserve. The effect will be the opposite. Don’t criticize. Mercury is retrograde. There is no point in striving with persistence and nonsense for active pursuits. Watch your new jobs to stay calm and start next week. Tonight you will be happy that your loved one is meeting your feelings. Dating is frustrating. Beware of sexual contact with unknown partners, even if you are seriously involved.


You’ll be doing another talk on resolving litigation, but I advise you not to hold it on the weekend, and Mercury’s retrograde motion is still ongoing. You will not get understanding from anyone and you will be worried, even if you are on the right. In your workplace, you are in constant conflict with everyone. Expect a new romantic friend. Single people can meet good partners if they are not too demanding. In the evening, enjoy your feelings and sexual pleasure that will fill you with confidence.


Your efforts are doomed to failure not only because the day is a holiday but also because of Mercury retrograde. Difficulties are caused by your reckless actions. You are distracted and hurt yourself and your colleagues. Realize the reason for your mistakes. If you have your own business, abandon serious business talks and sign contracts. Problems in personal relationships are not excluded. Do not rush to accept lunch invitations from a stubborn suitor. Postpone romantic date for tonight. Don’t show emotion and don’t make impulsive decisions for sexual pleasure.

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The day is a holiday and it is very good and successful for everyone who is engaged in a creative profession, but it requires attention because of the retrograde Mercury. Stabilize what you have achieved in the workplace and put order in your business relationship, but without showing aggression. You shouldn’t try to go in a new direction just because someone is mad at you. Be responsible for your obligations. You will experience a romantic adventure and an encounter with a former lover who may unexpectedly confuse your life. Don’t be tempted by the proposal for a one-time sexual experience, because you will create problems with your spouse.


Today, although the day is a holiday, you are in a changed mood, and Mercury is still retrograde. It is caused by uncertainty about whether you have made the right decision for a career change. You have no reason to worry if the salary is higher, but check the conditions again. Success is with you. The day surprises you with unexpected financial income. Make your loved ones happy with a gift. In the evening, create a nice family atmosphere. Sex will give you pleasure and relieve you of stress.


You will have an unexpected holiday, favorable and stressful, aligned with the influence of Mercury retrograde. Provocations that lead to conflict with people in your business environment, if you are at work, are not excluded. Don’t travel. Despite your reluctance to work actively, you are satisfied with what you have achieved and reaped success and ease. In the evening you will have wonderful romantic moments and an unforgettable meeting. Enjoy your sexual desire with your loved one, which will leave an unforgettable memory in both of you.

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Restore confidence and peace over the weekend. You are calm and balanced at work, but you can explode unexpectedly because of retrograde Mercury. Pay attention to everything related to your business if you want to ensure success. If you want to spend the evening outside your home, go out with your friends. Stay home tonight and monitor your emotional reactions. You risk breaking your intimate partner’s attitude and moving your loved ones away from you again, depriving yourself of sexual pleasure.


You are surprised by unexpected changes over the weekend, related to changes in your financial situation, which you will not like, especially if you do not comply with the prohibitions and conditions of Mercury retrograde. Listen to the advice of your colleagues to avoid financial loss. Don’t depend on your partners. Remember those who helped you. It is time to put order in your personal relationship and also to clarify your feelings. Again, you lack harmony, and this harms your normal sex life.

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