Horror! Difficulty sleeping for weeks, this woman is not aware of living with corpses


Reagan Baylee, a woman from Los Angeles, has a headache because she doesn’t realize she has slept with many corpses for weeks. Like a horror movie, what’s the story?

“I had a headache, I didn’t really sleep through the night, I felt really nauseous. To be honest everyone copes with such situations because of loneliness during quarantine,” he explained in a video he shared on his Tiktok account @reaganbaylee, quoted by Mirror News UK , Sunday (17/10/2021).

“Unlike me, couldn’t sleep the whole night so I thought it was really weird. I just erased that feeling because I thought I was just really sad and depressed.”

Over time, the unpleasant smell was followed by a series of horror events. Reagan saw lots of insects and spiders appearing in his apartment. Unable to take it anymore, Reagan complained to the apartment management. However, the pandemic situation has hampered the examination.

“Honestly my best description of this smell is that of a dead fish, so I thought maybe a bird had caught a fish, but in retrospect it was the dumbest thing because there was no lake near me,” he said.

“I was starting to think maybe the neighbor who lives next door had his dog dead or something had happened and I was really worried. But my manager told me he couldn’t start knocking on neighbors’ doors and bothering them,” Reagan continued.

Reagan became increasingly convinced that something bad had happened in his neighbor’s room. He called his girlfriend to ask for company. But instead of getting better, the girlfriend actually got nauseous and had trouble sleeping because of the stench. As a result, he forced the apartment manager to come check.

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“He was walking up the stairs, he couldn’t even climb the stairs without starting to vomit. He took off his mask and said, I got the master key, someone’s dead,” Reagan said.

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