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Hospital de Cereté will continue to be intervened by the Superintendency of Health

The improvements in infrastructure, the recovery of the portfolio and the opening of services are three of the objectives set by the health authorities in front of the Sandiego de Cereté Hospital, which will continue to be operated for another year.

The Health Superintendent, Fabio Aristizábal Ángel stated that “the intervention ordered at the Sandiego de Cereté Hospital was extended for one year in order to continue working to guarantee the quality and timeliness of the provision of health services and continue with the implementation of the necessary measures to solve financial, legal, administrative and welfare difficulties ”.

It was learned that during this extension, the intervening agent Sandra Milena Jaramillo, will have to work on investment projects, adaptation and remodeling of the infrastructure of the hospital pharmacy, the surgical area and the sterilization center.

“Progress will be made in the works of the San Carlos Emergency Medical Care Center and in the neonatal ICU project to be able to care for high-risk maternal mothers. The hospital already has a 24-hour gynecologist, an intermediate ICU and a pediatric service. The accounting purification process will continue and the work on financial consolidation and portfolio recovery actions will continue, ”explained Aristizábal Ángel.

The authorities highlighted that the institution has been strengthened to care for patients infected by COVID-19, and went from not having ICU beds to having 12, plus another two for intermediate care.

The senior official explained that “due to the management of the special intervening agent, the hospital opened a new respiratory emergency area that operates 24 hours a day and has an office, resuscitation room, 5 observation beds and 8 cubicles for defining behavior.” .

According to the report submitted, the hospital keeps the salaries paid to the personnel up to date and the contributions to social security, parafiscals and the payment to contractors have been met.

“Added to the above is the investment of $ 38 million for the provision of respiratory emergencies, the 7.5% increase in billing during the first quarter of 2020, the restoration of 50 hospital beds, the preventive and corrective maintenance of medical equipment and the automation of sterilization ”, specified the Super Salud.

It is also expected that the installation of a tomograph will be carried out and the completion of the infrastructure works in the admission area.

It should be remembered that due to the critical situation of its finances, and the deficiencies in the provision of services to its users, the hospital was intervened on December 20, 2019.

At that time, there were labor debts with plant workers, contractors, job boards and outsourcing for 11,552 million pesos. Regarding the health services, the authorities revealed that the medical equipment was not maintained, some treatments were started late because medicines were lacking, there were supplies with past expiration dates and there was no regular disinfection in the facilities.


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