Hospital will be enabled to attend Covid-19 in the GAM

The government of Mexico City in coordination with Grupo Modelo will enable the La Pastora General Hospital to meet Covid-19 patients, with an investment of around 250 million pesos, it will have 100 beds and will be ready by the end of February.

The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, informed that the Ministry of Works will be in charge of repaving and connecting drainage and drinking water; Insabi will be in charge of the equipment for monitors and fans; the capital government together with Insabi will be in charge of hiring medical personnel; and Grupo Modelo will be in charge of hospital facilities, such as oxygen and medical gas connections.

“At this moment it is this private investment, which, without the investment of Grupo Modelo, we would not have the possibilities, nor the sufficient resources to be able to start it, they are going to invest in everything that requires the installation of a hospital, the building It is empty, they do not have the hospital facilities, Grupo Modelo does them ”, he said.

CassIano de Stefano, president of Grupo Modelo, commented that thousands of bottles of gel alcohol have been donated, as well as 500,000 face masks to the Secretariat for Citizen Security, in addition to 100,000 bottles of drinking water to the local Health Secretariat; they also participated in the capacity expansion of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases and now they join forces with the capital government to guarantee the health of the capital.

“We are sure that with the project that we announce today we will help to improve the hospital capacity of our City at times when it is most needed,” he said.

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150 thousand people will benefit

The head of the local Ministry of Health, Oliva López Arellano, commented that the 100 hospital beds will have everything that is required, with the equipment in terms of imaging, medicinal gases, and will have the possibility of providing care and directly benefit 150 thousand people from this area where there is a difficulty in terms of access to health services, particularly hospital services and emergency care.

For his part, the head of the Ministry of Works, Jesus Esteva Medina, He commented that the electrical installation is being carried out by CFE, the drainage installation and that water leaks are being repaired.

“Here what mentions the hydrosanitary, electrical, medicinal gases and air conditioning installations, we have a maximum of February 28 but we consider that it will be able to be shortened to less time and we will do everything possible to cut it,” he said.

The mayor of Gustavo A. Madero, Francisco Chíguil, He recalled that his administration and the previous one have allocated approximately 218 million pesos, but the mayor’s office does not have sufficient resources to be able to put this hospital into operation.

“We have cleaned 10,600 square meters of construction of this property, we are going to continue with the works for the rehabilitation of the drainage and the water connection that the Water System of Mexico City is doing, and to invest also to be able to install four elevators, we are estimating an investment of 15 million pesos, and with this we will contribute to this space coming into operation in the coming weeks ”, he commented.

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