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Hospitals struggle with corona deniers | The watchword

At least fifteen Dutch hospitals are confronted with corona deniers.Statue Bart Maat/ANP

From a tour of the AD It turns out that at least fifteen Dutch hospitals are confronted with corona deniers. Unit head of the intensive care unit of Hospital Group Twente (ZGT) Tanja Hak: “We are sometimes told by relatives of patients who have to be admitted to hospital with serious corona symptoms: ‘Just tell me what he really has, because corona does not exist’. ” According to her, corona deniers almost always stand their ground, no matter how life-threatening the situation is. “Even if you turn people over on their stomach for the ventilator, they continue to deny corona,” Hak said.

Refused clues

There are also angry patients in the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk who do not make it easy for our colleagues by refusing to follow our instructions. Spokesperson Sandra de Jong: “This is a hard blow for the colleagues who have seen so much misery in the past corona year.”

In other hospitals, such as in the Amsterdam OLVG, denial of the virus occurs sporadically. Most corona patients who are admitted are not, or incompletely, vaccinated. Several hospitals, including Amsterdam UMC, are dealing with patients who do not want a corona test. The doctor must then demonstrate in another way that there is covid.

‘Very awkward situations’

The Dutch Association of Hospitals recognizes the image that ‘very uncomfortable situations arise between ‘unvaccinated people and medical professionals’. “That can lead to difficult situations,” said spokesman Wouter van der Horst. “That does not alter the fact that everyone who needs care, regardless of behavior or the choice not to be vaccinated, can count on help.”

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