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Host families can no longer accommodate Ukrainians: “I have however specified that my help was limited in time”

The war in Ukraine is not over, and for some Belgians, welcoming Ukrainians for several months has become complicated. In some cases, tension rises between them. These armies therefore feel left to their own devices in this generous task.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, 40,000 Ukrainians have arrived in Belgium. They are often cared for by Belgian families, and between the host and the host, sometimes the tension rises.

This is the case of Charlotte who welcomed an elderly man, in the province of Namur. Today, Charlotte wants the refugee to contribute € 120 to her rent: “He gets € 729 (from the authorities, the editor’s note) because it is considered cohabiting. I just ask 30 € per week for her to participate but inevitably it costs us more“He tells us. According to him, this Ukrainian sees his army as” a 5-star hotel “:”He got up, set the table, had lunch, and went back to his room. I call her for dinner and I have to serve her last because otherwise she eats right away and then she leaves, goes to her room and goes back to eat.“Charlotte.

Today, the army wants to liberate this room, and is actively seeking another accommodation for the Ukrainians it is organizing, but it does not feel helped by the authorities. “It’s ‘managing it’, I have however specified that my help was limited in time. I got this guy back on track for all his papers. Said I wanted the room back I said ‘then you can bring it back to Tabora reception center“She moaned.

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For the Ukrainian interpreter and jurist, Anastasia Koka “It should be noted that Ukrainians are Europeans, and this kind of problem can be linked, quite simply, to the education of the person.“he explains,”imagine, in families sometimes cohabitation does not happen easily, and here we are dealing with people who have had to leave their homes.“.

Is there enough support for the army?

According to the Walloon Minister for Local Authorities, Christophe Collignon (PS), “it is radically impossible to create thousands of reception places by breaking your finger. Especially since we had to manage the floods in Wallonia and move thousands of people“This is why the Walloon authorities chose to ask the population to welcome Ukrainians home:”We made standard deals, in particular, that allowed the host to receive 20% of the revenue of the host.“The minister also announced a second phase of this strategy:”We are working on mobilizing collective accommodation

Asylum Secretary of State Sammy Mahdi (CD&V) believes that Wallonia and Brussels are not doing enough to create places outside their families. For MEP Assita Kanko (NVA), the Flemish strategy was quite different: “In Flanders, the emphasis was immediately placed on collective receptions and organized by public authorities. There is enough space and it goes really well (…) It is true that solidarity of citizens is good, but the government must take overIndeed, an army village was built in Flanders, although some Flemings also organized Ukrainians.

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