Hot! Regarding the word stupid, Ferdinand Hutahaean Challenges Musni Umar debate – Former Democratic Party Politician Ferdinand Hutahaean responding to the Chancellor of Ibnu Chaldun University (UIC) Musni Umar who was offended by his statement regarding figures Anies Baswedan.

Through his personal Twitter network, Ferdinand Hutahean sent an open letter to Musni Umar and invited him to debate to prove his right and wrong.

“While Pak Musni Umar was offended by my statement about ‘stupid’, I invited Pak Musni to debate or discussion about my statement. So that the public can prove whose argument is wrong and right, “ said Ferdinand Hutahaean, Friday (16/10/2020) night.

“If you are willing, I will prepare the zoom link tomorrow. Come on, Pak Musni,” he added.

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Ferdinand Hutahaean’s Tweet Challenges Musni Umar’s Debate (Twitter / FerdinandHaean3).

Ferdinand Hutahaean’s challenge stems from Musni Umar’s tweet, which alludes to himself.

The reason is, Musni Umar himself admitted that he was offended by Ferdinand Hutahaean’s statement calling Anies Baswedan stupid.

“I am deeply offended by Ferdinand Hutahaean’s statement that Anies Baswedan is stupid. If Anies Baswedan is stupid, it means that the majority of DKI Jakarta residents choose a stupid governor. Anies Baswedan UGM education, master’s degree, Ph.D in the United States, student leaders, the youngest chancellor,” he said, Friday (16/10/2020).

“Try to reflect, who are you, where is the school, what career,” continued Musni Umar.

Previously, Ferdinand Hutahaean had indeed responded to the statement by DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan regarding students who participated in the demonstration against Omnibus Law Cipta Kerja.

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As reported, Anies Baswedan assessed that student involvement in demonstrations is a good thing and needs to be stimulated in the future.

However, Ferdinand Hutahaean contradicted Anies Baswedan’s statement. According to him, the statement did not deserve to come out of the mouth of a governor.

“Sorry Nies, if this is true you are talking like this, how stupid are you. Only your fate is in good shape to be Governor and has been a Minister even though you were fired,” said Ferdinand Hutahaean, Thursday (15/10/2020).

Furthermore, Ferdinand Hutahaean said that the students who took part in the demonstration to reject the Omnibus Law on Cipta Kerja were just doing it. They are also considered by him to not understand about the law itself.

“The students do not understand what is being demonstrated. They just follow suit. You don’t even understand the Ciptaker Law, let alone school children,” said Ferdinand Hutahaean to Anies Baswedan.

In addition, Ferdinand Hutahaean also highlighted the response of a number of regional heads to the demonstration against the Omnibus Law on Cipta Kerja.

According to him, regional heads must comply with national policies. This is because regional autonomy gives freedom to manage their own regions, not to challenge central government policies.

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