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Hotels people replaced caravans and went to the camp in Šumava

Families from Moravia also decided to spend a holiday in a caravan in Železná Ruda. “We have been planning such a trip for a long time. We had a tour of Austria, Switzerland and then we agreed to stay in the Czech Republic. We expected them to leave the lifts open, which didn’t happen, but we still enjoy it. We found this camp completely by accident. We are from South Moravia and we wanted to go to Šumava to at least ride a motorhome nicely, “said Ondřej Bořil.

It was not the premiere with a motorhome for Martin Liška, who has been driving for a long time. “Kopřivná was also in the game in the Jeseníky Mountains, where they refused us not to run a camp, then we also looked for a place in Medvědín in Špindlerův Mlýn, where the reservations were two years in advance. We were accepted here, “said Liška.

And the election does not regret, although a little pleasure spoils the measures and stopped lifts. “We are excited. We do hikes, children fool around as much as possible on the slope. There is no point in commenting on the measures in force. People are here anyway, the parking lots are full. It’s absurd, “remarked Bořil, who was in Šumava, like his acquaintance, for the first time in the winter.

Everyone at the campsite must follow the rules. “In winter, the camp works the same here, whether it is covid or not covid, because the only thing that is possible for accommodation are caravans, caravans. The condition is that it must be fully self-sufficient, which means its own toilet, own shower, washing dishes and the like. In principle, our sanitary facility only works for refueling water and possibly spilling a chemical toilet, so that we do not pour it here in nature, “said the camp operator Pavel Hrach.


According to him, the interest in the camp is always great in the days around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but this year they recorded even higher. “Given the current situation, I dare say there is an increase of 20 to 30 percent. It is known that this is the only possibility of accommodation here in Šumava, “said Hrach, adding that they are still trying to satisfy everyone and have not yet refused, but they already have the full capacity of the camp. “Since the cottages, guesthouses and apartments we have here are closed, we are trying to adapt the camp. I hope that the capacity will be filled throughout the winter, but if the lifts do not run, I am afraid that the interest will not be so great. But it can be seen that people still want to go to nature, even at the cost of renting caravans and mobile homes for a lot of money, “added Hrach.

Enormous interest in motorhomes is also confirmed by rental shops. “It’s an increase of 300 to 500 percent. However, most rental shops are closed during the winter because it is difficult to prepare caravans for the winter. People choose this option only this year, when they cannot stay differently, “said Pavel Slanec from the Pilsen rental shop.

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