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‘House of the Dragon’ fans shocked by all the nudity

House of the Dragon from HBO Max started and already know how to shock the fans.

The dragon’s house has finally begun. The series looks at the civil war between the factions of House Targaryen, several hundred years before the beginning Game of thrones. And certainly do not waste time.

From the prequel-series The dragon’s house made it immediately clear that it really Armchairseries. In the first 25 minutes you already see the sex of the series, with none other than Matt Smith. In a way you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Spoilers follow from here.

The dragon’s house– six

In his role as Daemon Targaryen, we see Matt Smith The dragon’s house have sex with Mizuno’s Mysaria Sonoya. And that immediately leads to reaction.

Interestingly enough, a month ago, Smith had the idea that his character is having too much sex.

“You ask at one point, ‘Should we shoot another sex scene?’,” Aldus Smith. “And they said, ‘Yeah, we definitely need that.’ I think at some point you ask yourself, ‘What are you doing? Do you represent the books, or do you make these books less and above all represent the time we live in?’ I think our job is to represent the books as written, to the best of our knowledge.”

Below we give a selection of reactions The dragon’s house.

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