House prices rose sharply in October, the largest increase in almost 2 years

House prices have been rising continuously since June 2013. Last year, prices rose a little less rapidly, but this year prices rose sharply again. Compared to 2013, houses have become more than 54 percent more expensive, according to Statistics Netherlands.

Great shortage on the housing market

The housing market has been under severe shortages for a long time now. The range of houses for sale has shrunk considerably, while many people still want to move. As a result, buyers bid against each other and starters have great difficulty in obtaining another house.

This shortage is not reflected in the number of sales deals. In October, 22,146 transactions were reported to the Land Registry, roughly 18 percent more than the same month last year. In the first 10 months of the year, 191,854 houses changed hands, more than 7 percent more than in the same time frame as in 2019.

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