How about not waiting for destho and choosing a salary whenever you want? Advanto’s start-up has amassed millions to change the labor market

Advanta founders Jan Klbl (left) and Martin Forteln (center) with Michal Menk of V-Sharp Ventures.
author: Diana Hornychova

It was Martin Fortelnho’s business to do business, so after joining the Prague VE in 2013, an entrepreneur enrolled in the University Club and went to one company after another during his studies, always at a high school. In the Czech Republic he peeked into the Auto code, in the Netherlands to Kraft Heinz, in Britain to Bentley. After the launch, something new brought him back to the startup studio Creative Dock and to the Malaysian metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, where he worked for the international price comparison iPrice eskho businessman David Chmelae.

And the first thing he got was the idea of ​​how the horse would start such a service, which would allow employees of other companies to choose through the application of the click of wages in advance, when you will meet unexpected expenses. This is how Advanto was founded in 2019.

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