How Beyonce And Netflix worked to redefine music documentaries

Beyonce Knowles - Return to the Community

In today's streaming era, especially with Netflix, we have the opportunity to provide content to the widest audience – all blink the eye. The latest films and TV shows can be viewed everywhere, in thousands of countries around the world, and it is a resource that we are only at early stages in terms of its potential.

Apart from exciting and friendly shows Stranger objects and like Twitter-friendly movies Bird Box, Netflix has a great opportunity to flush deep-in-scene footage that is not visible on such a wide platform. It is an incredible asset that has only been used in its broadest sense to date. That is, to the famous Beyonce music documentary / concert film Return He arrived online.

On April 17, Netflix surprised viewers without an unexpected release ReturnBeyonce Knowles, a close and attractive look at the leading edge performances of 2018 Beyonce Knowles. If you were not lucky enough to see one of the shows in person, most people did not have the opportunity to view the music festival performances on YouTube videos or rumored snapchat stories. These video platforms were not the best way to see such a revolutionary show. This concert was an event, which needed to be treated like that. Therefore, Beyonce joined Netflix's new heavy film.

The resulting film, Return to the Community: Film by Beyoncethey can be viewed as an extension Lemonade, the 2016 motion album, and the opportunity to get an excellent concert experience (or revisit, if you were lucky to attend the first time around) – and the artist who gives an insight into an artist who is continuing to excel at their crafts, but progress to evolve and expand herself in bigger, even better and more incredible ways.

As well as being in the frame of the center during the music concert, Beyonce also directed Return, allowing viewers to find their own broad vision. Apart from the film footage seen during the film, which is often personal / close to the action or seen from the wide, horned crowd, each watch with fixed eyes and oriented phones asking for each footage of footage. they can capture their recording. reconstruction behind the scene is also the process behind this wonderful show. It provides an insight for the audience and music fans about how it all came.

As you would expect to see such high concerts, it took a lot of work to bring this Coachella performance to the stage. And not only does Beyonce pay attention to her determination and her great vision for the show and the amount the artist could provide through this incredible concert experience, but it also shows the wonderful talents of her fellow musicians, dancers. and performers – they all helped to make it a great time.

It is clear throughout Return while the show is often about Beyonce, it takes a whole team to bring such experience to the masses. If no one is giving their whole, this show wouldn't be the same. And it is clear that everyone has so much love and respect not only for each other, but the person making sure that this Coachella concert is happening in the first place. This diligence and respect is strongly considered.

For it is obvious throughout Return Beyonce is not holding a concert. She is providing experience not only of what she has done over the past 20 years in the entertainment industry, but which is experienced by many women, color people and disrespectful artists, and how an exceptional platform and opportunity for many outstanding and talented performers to attend here.

In addition, it is obvious that a concert film Return it does not easily complete. Not only were more than 150 artists working on stage to bring the show to life, but also a lot of crew members, who would give an insight into the visual experience from both sides. Through two nights of performances, camera staff and editors were able to cross footage from different locations, providing the audience with experience, not only personal but extensive. You can see the show on stage, behind the stage, above the stage, in the crowd … you get the whole view.

And in that sense, Return a celebration of the history, culture and talents of different people, as well as a deep personal view of the hardships facing Beyonce Knowles to balance her personal and highly acclaimed professional music career. . Few people like Beyonce Knowles, and there is a good reason. Many people cannot do what Beyonce does outside the day. Let yourself with the peace and command that she has mastered for forty years. And this documentary shows how all this can be.

Return not only are the living rooms, iPads, and laptops a huge audience of audiences worldwide, but it is also an educational and original film which allows Beyonce Knowles, both musician and filmmaker, to be placed. fully express itself in different, compelling, vibrant and revolutionary ways. Return It is a great opportunity, therefore, not only to build on what we know about music documentaries today, but the use of streaming services that are widely used as Netflix is ​​a great opportunity in new, exciting and exciting ways.

We are very early in streaming, and this is a platform that has the potential to grow in new, incredible, incredible, incredible ways. Return it is just one example of how Netflix can provide a visual, spectacle that is both personal and inadequate – right at the click button. It is an exceptional showcase for beloved talent to hide her skills and celebrate her victory, while at the same time giving recognition to those who brought her.

There were once-off concert films such as The Talking Heads. Stop Sense and Prince Sign up 'O'; The Times increasingly rare cinema experience. They were presented in theaters and filmmakers and were able to commemorate the large screen with high-caliber speakers who were able to translate their film theater to a large audience. to the concert.

Now, through Netflix, we have projects like Bruce Springsteen Springsteen on Broadway or incredible Thom Yorke Anima to give both musicians and filmmakers the opportunity to expand the possibilities of music and film in new, vibrant and vibrant ways. Streaming is a young medium; Beyonce's Return it shows us a bright new future, while at the same time reflecting on the past and celebrating the heritage it takes to achieve a great deal of effort, great and great.


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