How did Nedvěd become a football player? He worked on the slag even in the morning before school

This surface has completely disappeared today, there is a grassy arm in almost every village.

“We mostly played on asphalt or slag, when it was grass, so it was a big holiday,” recalls Nedvěd’s childhood friend Tomáš Pěček.

How to raise
new Nedvěd?

When should children start training? To do this, hints and stories of the stars. A unique football topic on Monday, November 23, in your Diary!

Catching up on Pavel Nedvěd on the football side will also not be easy at all. After all, in 2003 he won the Golden Ball for the best footballer in Europe. Even the biggest stars of today only dream about it.

How did he do it? Mainly due to his immense diligence, for which he is famous and was born at a young age. “Every day we were outside together, playing football, climbing trees, in winter it was hockey again. We kicked in pairs, and we always invented the team or players we play for. One centered, the other ended up in an empty goal, “describes Tomáš Pěček with the fun they invented.

According to him, versatility was already Nedvěd’s very strong side at the time.

A dream of engagement in Cheb

And one more important thing, there were no social networks. “We didn’t have such a football overview, they were just newspapers or the Stadion magazine. Only when we found out about him about foreign teams, “Pěček smiles at the memories.

“We were supposed to play the first league in Cheb,” he recalls, noting that the border town belonged to the elite at the time.

Nedvěd took it much further. However, his next stop was in Pilsen, where he probably met a fateful man. He even lived with the legendary youth coach Josef Žaloudek in Nýřany so as not to get wet in Pilsen.

At that time, it was a big city for him, who could have guessed that in time he would conquer Prague and later also Rome and Turin.

His other partner from Skalná and then also from Pilsen Jiří Schveiner denies that Nedvěd only worked and worked. “Paul was a talent from God. Right, left, he didn’t care. The football diamond was then cut by Josef Žaloudek, who knew what Pavel’s potential was, “Schveiner also acknowledges.

And he remembers how children often played football as a reward. “We were boys from the village. First we had to help in the barracks. Only when we had our obligations fulfilled, we could go to training or a match, “describes the peer with whom Nedvěd went to Pilsen on the verge of adolescence.

Living with a coach in Nýřany

“Mr. Žaloudek came to me in Skalná together with the secretary of the youth of Škoda Plzeň. He seemed strange, very stern at first glance. Anyone who knew him knows that he was quite quirky, he was a very tough, demanding coach, “Nedvěd described his first meeting with a fateful coach on the Victoria website some time ago.

“When I got to know him better, I found that it was the only right way to do something in football,” he added.

Nedvěd also lived with the coach, commuting by train from Nýřany. “We trained before the start of school and ended in the evening,” Nedvěd described.

At the age of seventeen, he played in the second league for the first time. Pilsen won with Xaverov 5: 0 and he scored a goal. Two years later, Nedvěd went to war in Prague’s Dukla, which was another turning point in his career.

You already know his story very well – Sparta, Lazio and Juventus, where he landed as the club’s vice president.

Nedvěd never returned to Pilsen, but behind Skalna he played a competitive match with his son and former partner Tomáš Pěček a few years ago.

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