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How do corona, cold and flu differ?

by drbyos

Health! Is it flu or the corona virus? It’s hard to tell apart without a test?
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Cough, runny nose, fever: The symptoms that also apply to infection with the coronavirus are similar to those of the seasonally rampant cold and flu. But there are a few differences.

Dhe uncertainty is great: In this time of year, many people sniff and cough around us. Of course, not everyone has one Corona infection – but it is difficult to distinguish the symptoms. So far, doctors have assumed that there can only be a suspected case of someone who has had contact with a confirmed case or who has returned from a crisis area. Nevertheless, caution is required – if you feel sick, you should not go to work and cure yourself to keep the risk of infection low.

Sore throat, cough, fever, headache and body aches and fatigue all occur in one flu as well as with a corona infection. Corona virus also causes breathing problems, sore throats, headache and body aches, nausea, diarrhea and chills. Overall, the symptoms of flu, coronavirus, and a cold are similar. But there are subtle differences. We have put them together in a graphic. Current information on the spread of the virus, information on how to deal with a possible disease and useful telephone numbers are available from the Federal Ministry of Health.


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