How do you overcome the death of a daughter?


Of all the nightmares that a human being can imagine, the worst of all may be the death of a daughter. Luis Enrique has been through that: the agony of diagnosis and the death of Xana, nine years. A misfortune that turned the technician's vital priorities. On March 23 he left the national team in Malta, on September 29 he reported the death of the child and on November 19 he returns to his position as national coach. Eight months, a lifetime for him. Beyond the federal entanglements and the struggle of egos, is the experience of the individual who lost his daughter. The psychologist of his work group, Joaquín Valdés, has treated Luis Enrique during this cycle. Pablo del Río, psychologist of the Carolina Marín and Lydia Valentín champions, analyzes the case for ABC.

«The first step to recover is to accept the loss of the loved one. To recover, one must think that life continues and set short-term objectives, because the duel must be passed ».

Weather. According to the psychologist of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), the only antidote is time. «In the first phase of the duel we must accept death as a process of life and assume emotional wear and tear in which the feeling of helplessness will often appear. If he had done, if he had led her to … Blaming himself never helps. To discriminate situations ends up taking its toll. It is a process that needs time. When we treat such a case, we never set dates. It depends on each individual ».

Little has been known about the reality of Luis Enrique in this period of pain. Some bike break, your devotion to cycling and little else. According to Pablo del Río, therapy consists in «redoing existence, recovering the desire to fight, returning to emotional stability. To do this you have to talk, convey feelings. It is convenient to talk about the loss of the loved one with an emotional, progressive control. Pleasant memories should be kept, which do not generate dissatisfaction. You can't lock yourself up, you have to get distracted. That a loved one is not with us cannot be a taboo subject. It is normal for irritable or irritable pictures to appear. It is another step in the process of assuming the loss. It is not a matter of days or months, but of time ».

Luis Enrique returns to his job and Pablo del Río seems good news. «It is the best therapy, to live again, to feel valid for himself and his family. It is a good decision to return to what I was. He cannot live from the past, he has to watch football, plan his work with the national team, travel, analyze, feel comfortable little by little … ».

How should players behave when they receive it? «Most naturally, without makeup or preparing events. Footballers are young people who spread a good atmosphere ».

Pablo del Río was surprised by a detail in this matter. «I have not understood the attitude of Robert Moreno. He has been in the selection for his friend and that his friend recover and return should be a reason for happiness because it means he has overcome a personal trauma. Luis Enrique now needs support, closeness, affection and understanding at his side ». . (tagsToTranslate) luisenrique (t) therapy (t) psychologist


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