How does brain damage occur in Corona patients? Study illustrating

A new study revealed that Corona patients who suffer from neurological symptoms have some disorders in the brain, like other patients who have suffered from lack of oxygen access to the brain, and this study is the first of its kind that is based on the use of radiation to visualize the nerve injury in Corona patients, and it was carried out by researchers at a hospital Massachusetts General and published in the American Journal of Neuroradiology.

According to the Medical Express website, the researchers examined six patients using specialized magnetic resonance technology (MRI).MRAlthough Corona disease is primarily a respiratory disease, Corona infection affects other organs, including the brain.

It is believed that the primary effect of the disease on the brain is through lack of oxygen, but few studies have documented specific types of damage that characterize brain injuries associated with corona, and several thousand patients with corona have been seen in Massachusetts Hospital since the outbreak began early in This year, this study included results from three of these patients.

The severity of neurological symptoms varies, and they range from the most common symptoms – a temporary loss of sense of smell – to more severe symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, seizures and stroke. “We have been interested in characterizing the biological basis of some of these symptoms from now on,” said Eva Maria Ratai, Ph.D., researcher in the department of radiology and lead author of the study and associate professor in the department of radiology at Harvard Medical School. COVID-19 , Including headache, fatigue and cognitive impairment. The so-called “brain fog” and other defects that have been found to persist long after the acute stage.

The researchers used a specialized type of scan, sometimes called virtual biopsy, that can identify neurochemical abnormalities even when skeletal imaging results are normal.



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