How does the Ministry of Health deal with positive cases of corona virus in hospitals?

The scientific committee in charge of developing therapeutic protocols for people with Corona virus affiliated to the Ministry of Health and Population revealed a way to deal with positive cases of Covid 19, that the case is evaluated to determine the appropriate treatment protocol for the patient and then withdraw his eye from him after 5 days of starting treatment, and if the result is still positive, he will complete Treatment, with withdrawal of the sample every 48 hours to determine the date of the exit case.

The scientific committee in charge of developing therapeutic protocols for the emerging corona virus said: If the condition is in contact and no symptoms have appeared, or mild symptoms appear, then a sample of it is taken and allowed to go home with an emphasis on adhering to the procedures for isolation in a separate room, and not to deal with any person From a close distance, not allowing his personal effects to be used, until the result of the examination appears.

The committee clarified: All critical or acute cases are being placed on the respirator due to the fact that they may experience respiratory failure, and there are some patients with slow blood flow, which may expose them to clots in the lung, and the necessary analyzes are conducted to determine the causes of complications, and apply Treatment protocol according to the situation.

Dr. Hala Zayed, the Minister of Health and Population, criticized the citizens’ interest in preventive measures to protect against the Corona virus, saying: “The citizen must adhere to the precautionary measures laid down by the state, and there are people who have not responded to this.” She added that some individuals whose family shows infections did not comply. By sanitary procedures, this indicates that the injuries are minor.

She added that the increase in the number of injuries is a burden on the health sector and is reflected on the economy, pointing out that the increase in numbers is the responsibility of the citizen, and the state has provided everything, adding: the Egyptian health system is one of the most powerful health systems in the world that has responded to the procedures to confront Corona..

Dr. Hala Zayed, the Minister of Health and Population, added that equipment was provided pcr In all governorates, explaining that the detection procedure was carried out at the beginning in the central laboratory, which was leading to a delay in showing the results of the tests, indicating that there are currently more than 40 devices pcr In all governorates, which led to a speedy examination and the result to appear after 12 hours instead of 72 or 48 hours.


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