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How Fiorentina fans reacted to Kokorin’s debut

Forward Alexander Kokorin made his Serie A debut as a substitute in Fiorentina’s Friday match against Inter. The Russian footballer failed to shine, and it was difficult to do it in twenty minutes in such a game. Online edition “Euro-Football.Ru” decided to pay attention to how Fiorentina fans reacted to Kokorin’s debut.

“Kokorin has 0 ball touches”, – wrote simone_magnolfi on Instagram.

“How many balls did he get?” – replied to this comment viniciobruni46.

“Kokorin was definitely on the field, or did he stay in Russia?” – commented carlobellasi_.

“He stayed on the field for 17 minutes. Give him some time. “, – reacted bumbacamassimo.

“You can’t count on winning matches without concrete shots on goal. Use Vlakhovich together with Kokorin, and let’s try to build a decent attack “. (_rebeccademarco_).

“Kokorin is now in worse shape than me” (lucavestrucci).

“I hope Kokorin will please us” (carraidavid).

“Kokorin! This player is a laughing stock! What has he achieved in his career? Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Prade to resign! “ – the user france.algerie.italie.galipo spoke emotionally. He is clearly unhappy with the performance of Fiorentina’s sporting director Daniele Prade in the transfer market.

“I want to see the criminal Kokorin!” (_dev.guasto_).

“With such newcomers it is difficult to go somewhere. And it infuriates “ (leo__mase).

“Somehow it always happens that in January we sign players who are not ready to enter the field. This is my humble opinion “ (ounsoio66).

“Kokorin and Malkui – two ridiculous purchases” (pierucci.angela).

“To be honest, I didn’t like the attitude with which Kokorin and Malkui entered the field. Very little confidence “ (checkerboard).

“And these are big purchases? Kokorin maybe had two touches. And Malkui made four touches, and with each of them gave an inaccurate pass … “ (alemario9623).


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