How it would work and who could get money again

A new project presented seeks the withdrawal of AFP 2.0 funds, which has caused a series of questions to its eventual beneficiaries. It proposes “exceptionally, and to mitigate the social effects derived from the State of Constitutional Exception of Catastrophe due to public calamity decreed because of COVID-19”.

Likewise, the writing of AFP 2.0 withdrawal funds It adds that “it authorized the members of the private pension system governed by Decree Law No. 3,500, of 1980, on a voluntary and exceptional basis, to carry out a second withdrawal of up to 10 percent of the funds accumulated in your individual capitalization account of mandatory contributions “.

For this, the portals created and the infrastructure provided by public organizations such as the Superintendency of Pensions, AFP and financial entities, for this AFP 2.0 recall.

Who can request the AFP 2.0 Withdrawal?

They can ask for the second I withdraw all those who keep savings in their AFP accounts. This process would be complementary to the first, so that those who took out in an initial instance, could do it equally in this new process.

Likewise, They will be able to withdraw between 35 and 150 UF (as in the first payment) and those who have savings over the maximum amount, would draw their 10%.

When would this new AFP 2.0 Retreat process begin:

The text proposes that the withdrawal process begin in next december and the Administrators must provide for their affiliates of the same mechanisms for the current process.

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