How long can you vote by mail in the municipal and eurpeas elections in Valencia?

Voters who have chosen the method of voting by mail for the next municipal and European elections in Valencia may vote by mail until May 24 at 2:00 pm, after Correos has extended the term initially set on day 22.

Voters will receive the vote by mail within the period of May 6 to 19 by certified mail, personally to the interested party and at the address indicated in the application (after two unsuccessful attempts to deliver at home, will be left notice of arrival for collection in the corresponding post office).

The voting envelope, requested at any post office (deadline on Thursday, May 16), must also be delivered in any office addressed to the polling station and must include the registration certificate in the electoral roll and the envelope of voting in which the ballot will be included. This shipment has no cost to the voter.

In addition, on the occasion of the May 26 elections, Correos has extended the regular office hours from May 13 to 24 and will also open next Sunday, May 19, in the morning only for the management of postal voting according to The entity informs on its website.

(Check here how many envelopes there will be to vote in the municipal and European elections in Valencia.) (TagsToTranslate) up to (t) when (t) vote (t) mail

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