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How sweeteners disrupt your gut flora and metabolism – Wel.nl

Sugar substitutes are popular and found in many foods. And if they are really “healthy” and help you lose weight was already questionable. Scientists now also present evidence that consumption can change gut flora and metabolism.

Research is sometimes hard work. The scientists around Eran Elinav of the Israeli Weizmann Institute wanted to know if sugar affects the gut flora and metabolism of people, and for this they needed a group of people who no sweeteners on the menu. The effectiveness of a substance can only be determined methodologically well by trying it on people whose bodies have not yet come into contact with it.

The Elinav team studied 120 adults who had never eaten sugar substitutes. These subjects were given saccharin, sucralose, aspartame and stevia for two weeks to be tested in the third week. Then it turned out that the bacteria in the stomach went through ‘significant changes’. Elinav: ‘We found out very clear changes in the composition and function of gut microbes and the molecules secreted into the blood.’

‘On the one hand, sugar consumption still poses a very poor and proven risk for obesity, diabetes and other diseases, and our results do not support or encourage sugar consumption. On the other hand, this impact that we demonstrated shows that caution is advised with sugar substitutes. We need better solutions for our sugar needs’, concludes Elinav.

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