How the corona quarantine affects the psyche

The current situation can not only cause loneliness, but can also increase depression.
Picture: Picture Alliance

The officially ordered insulation protects many people from fatal diseases. But it can also result in severe mental suffering, with long-term aftermath. What can you do about it?

WHow is Angela Merkel doing, psychologically? Doesn’t that bother you when you are used to traveling around the area and have to stay at home now? In her speech shortly before the self-chosen quarantine, the Chancellor made it clear to the citizens: Our freedom is significantly more restricted, but luckily we can still walk or jog alone or in pairs. “I was very relieved to hear that,” says Klaus Lieb, chief psychiatrist at the university clinic in Mainz. “The psychological consequences of a complete curfew could be devastating.”

No question: Quarantine is important in individual cases to stop the spread of the infection. “But if no one is allowed to leave the door without a valid reason, as is the case in Italy, it can have an enormous impact on the psyche,” says Lieb. Scientists from Kings College, London, recently evaluated 24 studies that looked at the psychological effects of quarantine.


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