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The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) has published the Covid-19 chain, which shows how the virus spreads and reaches families. SKPC epidemiologist Yuri Perevoshchikov told the media about the spread of Covid-19.

SPKC has prepared a virus distribution scheme, which shows how Covid-19 is spreading in Latvia. In the present case, the disease began to spread in an educational establishment and, as it spread further, affected 109 people. In addition, in this case, the infection also spread to a medical institution where the doctors fell ill.

Also in two people in this case the disease ended in death.

Example of the Covid-19 distribution chain.

This week, 533 cases of Covid-19 infection were registered in five days, which is 56% more than on the previous weekday. However, the number of Covid-19 tests performed has also increased this week – they were on average 3,700 tests per day, which is 26% more than a week earlier.

“If the increase in the number of tests were fully proportional to the increase in positive tests, we could say that the number of cases has increased due to the increase in the number of tests. But no, this could only be partly explained by the increase in the number of tests. The second part of these cases is definitely related to the fact that the disease continued to spread, “Perevoshchikov explained.

Households, educational institutions and fewer jobs are still places of risk. Sports events could also play an important role in the spread of the virus.

Perevoshchikov revealed that last week epidemiologists were able to detect the source of the infection in 80% of cases, and this week the situation is unlikely to change. At the same time, the number of people who do not have a clear source of infection is increasing. Thus, it is not excluded that someone with Covid-19 may be found in a public place.

More and more epidemiologists are also using data from the Stop Covid app. 165,000 people are already registered with it, and 60 Covid-19 patients had the app. In this way, it was possible to discover contacts that a person has no idea about.


In Latvia on June 10 ended An emergency situation was announced on 12 March to contain the new coronavirus. The virus is still circulating and there is no medicine or vaccine against it. Certain restrictions still apply to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

The situation was stable during the summer, but at the end of September the incidence rose sharply and the 14-day cumulative number of Covid-19 cases per 100,000 population exceeded 25 cases. Queues for Covid-19 tests are also increasing, and asymptomatic people are already invited not to report the test.

In response to the spread of the disease, the government decided that face masks are mandatory on public transport from 7 October. On October 13, the government decided that masks should also be worn in public placesstaying for more than 15 minutes. Currently in Latvia public events Up to 500 people can gather indoors, up to 1000 in the open air. In private events, 30 can gather indoors and 300 outdoors.

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