How to act before a violent driver


Road harassment, or what is the same, the bad practice of "sticking to the vehicle that circulates ahead" or "overtaking him with hostile and insulting gestures and standing in front without safe distance to force him to stop" can be punished with penalties of up to two years in prison, in addition to fines amounting to 500 euros and the deduction of six points on the driving license.

Driving can also create extreme situations that end in aggressive decisions. A car that closes the passage, one that does not move immediately when it is placed at the green light or another that does not keep the safety distance behind, may be sufficient to cause aggressiveness in a large part of the drivers.

Given these types of attitudes, the authorities recommend that if we are victims of harassment on the road, we must try to get out of the way of the driver who acts aggressively, withdrawing as soon as possible, if necessary by taking the first exit on the road.

Another recommendation is to avoid eye contact at all times, since looking at a violent driver can make you more enraged. It is best to ignore all the gestures we can make and continue at our own pace. From the Civil Guard Traffic also recommend denouncing this type of behavior, for what is usually a good advice, if we travel with a passenger, to record everything on video and call the police immediately.

Likewise, actions such as insulting other drivers, throwing the sleeve cut, seeing you immersed in a fight, or crashing into another vehicle and running away are collected as road safety violations or as minor or serious offenses in the Penal Code . This is indicated by Carmen Olivas and Macarena Cantalapiedra, lawyers of the Legal Department of Pyramid Consulting, who also detail that, as established in Article 18 of the General Traffic Regulations, “the driver of a vehicle is obliged to maintain his own freedom of movements, the necessary field of vision and permanent attention to driving … ».

Slight insults are offenses punishable by the criminal code with a fine of 10 to 20 days, taking into account the personal and economic circumstances of the accused, and the non-payment may lead to prison compliance ».

The regulations also state that every driver must keep a safe distance that allows the vehicle to be stopped completely in case of emergency without colliding with the vehicle ahead. For that space to be correct, it must be borne in mind that traffic conditions are constantly changing and that the same references do not work if you drive dry, wet, with high traffic density …, so that distance varies and the sight can be deceiving due to lack of visibility. Not forgetting, of course, the degradation of the tires or the brake system.


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