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The announcement that was made earlier this year about changes in WhatsApp privacy policies has made users of these types of platforms more interested in guaranteeing their privacy and security when using them.

For this, We tell you about six tools that can help you better protect your data and manage it on the platforms that are part of Facebook. The three applications of the company, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, have the following alternatives.

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‘Access your information’

To get to this section you must go to the ‘Settings and privacy’ part of your account, then choose ‘Privacy shortcuts’. Once there you will find several options, but you must go to the one with the title ‘Your Facebook information’ and select ‘Access your information’.

This section of users they will be able to view and manage information that is shared within the platform, that is, publications, reactions, comments and things they have searched for within the application. There, in addition, the person can delete everything they want from their profile and download all the data that has been shared on the social network.

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‘Quick Safety Check’

In this place you can activate account login alerts, whether it is done from a computer or a mobile device. You can also enable two-step account authentication so that When entering, the user has not only to put their password, but an additional code that can be sent by text message or email.

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‘Manage activity’

There, users can archive or delete old posts on these platforms, which you are interested in not being seen within your profile. This tool has two options, move to the file, where the content can only be seen by the person in the account or move to the trash, which after 30 days it is automatically deleted and cannot be restored.

‘Account Center’

In this section, the functions that are available within the apps of Facebook, among which are cross publications in the different apps, Facebook Pay and single sign-on.

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‘Temporary messages on WhatsApp’

This feature was launched in late 2020 and allows users to schedule which chats within the instant messaging application. self-clear after a seven-day period.

‘Setting up ads based on partner data on Instagram’

In this place, people who use Instagram will be able to configure the ads within the platform and decide if the application can use their data to personalize the ads.

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