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Voters on constitutional amendments have the opportunity to win promotional codes for discounts and receive rewards under the Million Prizes program.

Muscovites who came to the polls will receive certificates with a unique code along with the ballot. To participate in the drawing, you must activate it by sending an SMS message to number 7377. Citizens who have chosen electronic voting will automatically receive a message with a code on their mobile phone, indicated in their personal account.

Every day at 22:00 the computer will randomly determine the winners who will receive SMS with the results of the draw and a unique code. It will need to be activated on the page of the Million Prizes program. To do this, click in the “I have a winning code” field, and then click “Login through”. On the page that opens, enter the code number and phone number to which the SMS message was received and click “Activate”, after which the number of points you won will be displayed in the personal account of the program. Next, you can choose a partner organization and place an order for the desired promotion. Within 24 hours, the status of the application will change to “completed”, and when the user clicks the “Show promotional code” button, the digital and QR codes will be available, which must be presented to the partner organization when paying for the purchase.

In total, two million prizes with a face value of one to four thousand points are provided for program participants (one point is equal to one ruble). They can be exchanged for bonuses and discounts from large retail chains, cafes and restaurants, as well as city promotions. For example, using the points you won, you can replenish the Troika card or visit the museum.

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In addition, starting June 29, there will be an opportunity to spend winning points to help charitable organizations. Draws will last until July 2.

Discounts, bonuses and charity: Million Prizes program launched

The Million Prizes program is aimed at subsidizing the consumer demand of citizens: additional discounts and special conditions provided by partners will allow us to purchase more goods. Business, in turn, will receive additional development.


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