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How to correct an error in your tax return?

How to correct an error in your tax return?

You have already validated and signed your declaration online or have sent your paper form to the administration and notice an error. Don’t worry: it is still possible to correct your tax return. Here’s how.

[Updatedon11[Misàjourle11 June 2018 at 12:12 pm] You forgot to fill in certain income when doing your tax return ? Or on the contrary, you forgot to declare a reduction or a tax credit ? Do not put your spleen on the broth … It is still possible to modify your declaration. If you have declared your income by paper, using the pre-filled form, you must file a corrective declaration of your income. It’s very simple: you just need to get a form n ° 2042 blank, in your public finance center, or by downloading it from the tax site. You fill it out, keeping the correct information and correcting the incorrect ones, then add the mention “Corrective declaration, cancels and replaces” (roughly and preferably in capital letters), at the top of the first page. You can then send your new form to the tax authorities. This applies if you have not yet received your tax notice. Otherwise, you will be forced to go through the online correction service, on the tax site. It is open from July 31 to December 18, 2018.

If you filed your tax return on the online service from the tax site, the procedure changes somewhat. Haven’t received your tax notice yet? You just have to go back to your particular space and modify your online form. Indeed, on the Internet, it is possible to correct your declaration as many times as you wish, even after signing. If it is still advisable to correct an error before the filing deadline, you can always go back on your declaration, until the tool closes in early July.
If, on the other hand, you have already received your tax notice, you will have to wait until July 31 to correct any errors, via the service dedicated to corrections. In your particular space, a message will confirm that you have already filed your declaration. But you can come back to it. You will then have until December 18 to make your changes.

Please note: some information cannot be changed online. This is the case for the family situation (marriage, civil union, divorce, death, etc.). If you have made a mistake in one of these fields, you have no choice but to make a paper declaration, to which you must add an explanatory letter requesting that this declaration cancel and replace your declaration online.

What consequences for your file?If the tax payable decreases after modification, you will be informed of the reduction and a new notice will be sent to you, including the amount of your tax payable. And if you have already paid your tax, the excess collected by the tax authorities will be returned to you. If the amount of tax increases after correction, a new tax notice will also be sent to you. It will include the final amount to be paid and the settlement deadline.
You therefore have no fear of markups or penalties. As long as your corrective declaration is spontaneous, the tax authorities do not apply any sanctions against you.

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