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How to create your telecommuting space as a prevention against coronavirus




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In Spain, no drastic measures have yet been taken to prevent new infections of the Covid-19, a virus of Chinese origin originally known as coronavirus. But in some regions it has already recommended quarantine periodsIt would force many employees to work from home to prevent the spread of infections. TO teleworkwow Many freelancers already do it, but much of the work still requires some job presentism. Although much progress has been made, and some large companies even encourage it little by little in its workforceTeleworking is still a chimera.

Technology companies are the ones that provide the most in-person non-face-to-face formula, due to their clear advantages. But working from home has its positive and negative aspects. Firms like Google or Twitter have already sent many teams to their homes to work. The freelancers will know: You have to be very disciplined for it. Experts recommend setting some guidelines and trying to disconnect during specific periods during the day. Making a “normal life” can even be added as mandatory to go outside before getting down to work. Not all jobs can be adapted to this form of remote work. But it is true that more and more many use a computer as a regular tool.

If necessary, there are technologies that adapt to this type of activity. The normal thing is to use a computer, whether portable or desktop, that has adequate performance for the demands of each professional. Keeping accounting is not the same as editing video. If you do not have any of these technical possibilities at home, Certain tablets (work with iOS or Android) will also be useful if, for example, your work requires filling in reports.

Working with services in the “cloud” is another possibility. There are free tools such as Google Drive that includes the entire office suite necessary for this type of jobs, although Office 365 can be used. This working formula has been extended even in many offices and allows full synchronization of the flows of job. In addition, it is perhaps a good time to consider the incorporation, if your company has not already done so, of using services such as Slack or Yammer who are focused on keeping track of the projectsyou. There are many companies that already use it worldwide.

Another aspect that many Freelance workers have always taken it to work in the workplace. The ideal is to have an independent area within the home with all the furniture material according to the needs. That is, as in your daily workplace: comfortable and ergonomic chair to spend many hours sitting, table at chest height, good lighting – preferably natural – and Access to drinks to hydrate. In turn, it is essential to have a robust internet connection depending on the needs. If you work with specific software, the technical departments can provide remote access or through virtualized services to maintain normality.

It is necessary, and this is applicable in all work performed sitting, get up every hour and a half even two minutes to stretch the legs. The most important thing is to balance functionality with comfort. There are even those who advocate placing a green touch of plants or flowers, but above all, have a space that can not mislead. On many occasions, work teams must hold meetings (More than ten minutes, a meeting is inadvisable!). If you are teleworking, this action can be done through services such as Skype, Duo or even WhatsApp.

Virtual reality technology can also be adapted to this formula. Traditional videoconferences are not as effective as physical meetings, since by not sharing a common space, non-verbal communication is practically non-existent. «Virtual reality (VR) offers multiple solutions to maintain the activity of the company minimizing health risks for employees. This technology allows creating interactive and collaborative teleworking environments and adapts perfectly to the needs of any type of company, ”he explains in a statement Giovanni Cetto, founder of the company Two Reality. “The VR allows us to create avatars of each of the attendees and they become shorter, less confusing and much more resolutive meetings than videoconferences allowing everyone to interact on the same 3D content and avoiding 100% the risk of contagion,” he says. .

Not risk free

Although governments and companies around the world are increasingly promoting telecommuting in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19, experts believe that enhancing this formula without a preventive plan can lead to risks in computer security. “It is, therefore, a good time for organizations to examine security around remote access to corporate systems. Once the devices are removed from the network infrastructure of a company and connected to new networks and WiFi, the risks are extended and increased », sources from the security firm Kaspersky report in a statement.

Experts recommend a series of steps to reduce cyber risks associated with telecommuting such as providing a virtual private network (VPN) to connect remotely, protect devices used at home, limit functions to employees and avoid responding to non-message messages. Requested in your job will be temporary work.


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