How to delete a sent email in Outlook

As you all will suppose, deleting emails already sent both on our PC and on the recipient’s computer is practically impossible. Although some services such as Telegram or WhatsApp already incorporate this function (which makes all the sense in the world because of its instant messaging nature and how frequent errors can be in such a format), email applications (Outlook, Gmail …) By their very nature, it doesn’t seem like they’re going to do it anytime soon.

OutlookHowever, it allows you to delete an email already sent under very specific circumstances. It will be necessary that both we and the recipient are using an email account from a server of Microsoft Exchange. Also, It will only be possible to delete it if the recipient has not yet opened the mail. The recipient will receive a notification that the shipment has been canceled.

Steps to delete an already sent email in Outlook

  1. Click on “Mail” in the Outlook navigation pane.
  2. Select folder “Sent items”.
  3. Open the email you want to delete by clicking on their name.
  4. Click on “Message” at the top, press “Other actions” in the “Actions” section and click on “Retrieve this message” in the menu below.
  5. Choose “Delete unread copies of this message” in the “Retrieve this message” window.
  6. Finally, click on the checkbox “Notify me if the recovery worked or failed for each recipient” if you don’t want to receive a confirmation. This check box is enabled by default.

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