How to Encourage the Russian Macarons of Russian Bedroom Decor


WHERE CLIENTS ARE it implements the four fatal words “I have a vision,” he can stop the inner heart of the designer.

Kirill Istomin

However, I was pleased to think that the owner of a house could not be in a position with the master classroom color scheme that she shares with her husband in a second suburban-Moscow house. “I was prepared to refer to the recent Givenchy collection or something like that because she is very fashionable,” said the designer, who is based in New York and Moscow, “but she went on and under how she liked the macaroni from Ladurée in Paris. “When his client suggested that pastel powder puts sweets and brand packaging with the bedroom palette, Mr Istomin abandoned his work décor strategy. “I thought, What's the great idea,” he said. He expressed these qualities through the style of the English countries that the woman loved when she lived in London. Result: a unique room that is quiet, comfortable and, despite British influences, a little French.

Ladurée speaks.


F. Martin Ramin / The Wall Street Journal

Mr Istomin first received a color of macaroni in the fabric of Lee Jofa's “Chelverton Ii” floral which is seen in a canopy, headboard and skirt of the bed. It is more relaxed than the pattern of an ordinary English country – the blue of the hydrocarbons and the leaves of the soft leaves are unusual. “The English used florals, but in brighter colors,” the designer said. The dungeon of the room is further diversifying from Scottish classical Ecolabel and avoiding dark contrasting colors, another client request, usually present in the form of brown furniture.

However, Colefax and Fowler are the canopy and skirt of the bed and the mixing of the room patterns as explained. The blue pale check flowing down the wall under the canopy and which seams the pillows completes the flower and “keeps the room from being too serious. blue checks in the silk-taffeta colors on top of vintage porcelain lamps. These potential skirt designs are not “what they are doing today,” said Mr Istomin. “It is very British and very old-fashioned.” But this quality of recreation adds a series of imagined family history to the scene: The lamps could be viable from an ancestor who was giving favor.

Mr Istomin, from the quilted bed spread, said the shelled edge was too big, “It's a good thing, but a good way”. the bed.

Built cabinets along the wall were modeled after the 18th century Chippendale break, but Mr Istomin painted them, distorting the Brit tradition and adhering to the editing of his client to avoid contrasting dark colors. The result is that the French country looks better, as is, of course, the fauteuil, or a French chair, covered with silk velvet from Scalamandre.

When they were making a pair of night boys, Mr Istomin made two aims: he went up the space and avoided more painted furniture. “Their shape is very traditional, like a small French cabinet,” said the designer, “but the mirror adds a bit of glamor to it, and because it's reflective, it's sort of there and not.” And showing softly on soft blue of the custom carpet and the pale cheladon fabric that relieves the walls, the mirror does not harm the pastel theme.

“This is my monochrome version. It has a certain color, but it is very subtle, with the same intensity level, ”Mr Istomin said. “I wanted to make this room comfortable and pleasant to the eye, but it doesn't mean it's boring and indifferent.” As a space, it's very special and digestive, like its cookie precedent.

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